Trust and respect is in full effect


Senior Samantha Zanini, Rodriguez's friend, comments "They are destine to be together, they are my favorite couple at this school." Photo by: Summer Yovanno

Summer Yovanno and Lola Bobrow

According to the 2018 annual Sex and Dating Survey, 52.87 percent of students said that “high school relationships could last, but they probably won’t.” However, this sentiment is not carried by all Ventura High School students.

Senior Samantha Zanini, Rodriguez’s friend, comments “They are destine to be together, they are my favorite couple at this school.”
Photo by: Summer Yovanno

Miranda Rodriguez and Cruz Conboy, two seniors that have been dating since freshman year, break this stereotype with their steady relationship. How have they done this? Rodriguez and Conboy weigh in on how to maintain trust and respect within a relationship.

“He was throwing food at me and I was like, “Hey, he’s cute,’” said Rodriguez, talking about Conboy. Both Rodriguez and Conboy say they started talking because of “mutual friends,” which they also state as the reason they are able to spend a lot of time with one another.

Typically though, high school relationships are known to be fickle. Instead of making rash choices, Rodriguez argues that communication is key. “[You] just have to talk things out and don’t make any irrational decisions because you guys know that you’re going to get back together,” said Rodriguez. “[People will say] ‘I’m breaking up with you’ instead of just saying I need space.”

“Just be open with each other and don’t hide things. If you need to hide things you probably shouldn’t be in the relationship,” said Conboy. “Just trust each other. Trust and respect. A lot of relationships lack that,” Conboy added.

In addition to sharing the same friends, sentiments about problem solving and parking spaces, they also finish each other’s sentences. “You have to just talk it out and understand each other. You have to be able to concede,” started Conboy, “And understand where the other ones coming from,” Rodriguez finished with a smile.