Are you committed?


VHS’s spirit section points to the score board after BHS yelled ‘scoreboard’ when obtaining a lead Photo by: Brooke Newman

Hailey Cox

On Thursday, April 19 coaches, students, teachers and family members gathered in the Tuttle gym at Ventura High School during lunch to celebrate senior signing day.  

Principal Carlos Cohen, Assitant Principal Susan Eberheart, coach Ann Larson and Athletic Director David Hess, all helped make this event possible this year.

In total, 16 seniors signed to various colleges to play sports, four of which are committing to Ventura College.

At the celebration, students explained what college they were attending and what sport they were committing to play. Some students also gave a description of their achievements as a VHS athlete over the past four years. In addition to these students, VHS coaches were also given an opportunity to speak on behalf of their athletes.

According to Cohen, this is the second year VHS has had an athletic signing day celebration: “Prior to the last two years we had not been doing it,” Cohen said. “It is really a pleasure to see that [the celebration] has grown from last year to this year,” Cohen added.

Many VHS students did not expect to have a signing day celebration this year due to the fires and rain Ventura experienced, and they were excited to see the celebration happen.

After the event Cohen explained that from now on, VHS will continue to have an athletic signing day celebration.