Opinion: Bring back the two minute bell


Lola Bobrow



The two minute bell has always been my saving grace– that little noise that told me if I had enough time to stop by my locker or grab a snack from the vending machine.

When asked about the two minute bell, VHS history teacher Tyree Cruz said, “I do not want it. People should know how long they have to go between classes… They used to hang out until the two minute bell and then they would get started.” He also mentioned that he thought the new schedule was “brilliant.” Photo by: Lola Bobrow
Junior Ashton Sanchez (left) said, “When I hear the two minute bell I just know I gotta dip to class.” Junior Rourke Rieman (right) added, “Last year…I would wait for the two minute bell and then once it rang I would leave from wherever I was at.” Photo by: Lola Bobrow

This year, the 2,000 or so students at VHS just won’t be getting that information anymore.

VHS no longer uses the two minute bell system. This decision makes absolutely no sense.

Here’s why: Principal Carlos Cohen stated that the reason for this decision was the faculty’s belief that students used the two minute bell as a way to postpone their walking to class until the last possible moments. 

My question to that is: “Do they really think that this decision is going to help that problem?” No. Students are going to be just as disorganized as in previous years but now without any sort of warning that they will be late.

When asked about the two minute bell, senior Dane Bright (left) said, ” I think we should keep it how it is, because all the kids are going to get lazy if we bring it back.” Senior Keoni Steiner (middle) added, ” I think we should keep it how it is, because to many bells gets annoying after a while.” Senior Kyle Schneider’s (right) input was more in favor of bringing the bell back, he said, ” I think we should put the two minute bell back, because it helps kids get to class on time, and organize their schedules.” Photo by: Janelle Chavira
Junior Robert Quinn said, “I think that the two minute bell should be brought back. There’s a lot of people who will wait for it, although most don’t, and so all of those people are going to end up being late because they’re going to be waiting for the two minute bell which never comes…It’s also a good guideline for if you have a long walk across campus.” Photo by: Lola Bobrow

I strongly encourage the administration to bring back the two minute bell this following year. I think we all know how much VHS needs it.