Opinion: VHS dress code discourages individuality

Information gathered by Julia Davies

Information gathered by Julia Davies

Julia Davies

Have you been dress coded? I understand that students should be wearing appropriate clothing as it is a learning environment, but we also are growing and changing and want to express who we are.

How different are the staff and the students definition of “appropriate”?

According to this poll, over 60% of VHS students have been dress coded at least once. Information gathered by Julia Davies.

Girls have been dress coded for many things such as tube tops, backless dress/shirts, tights and ripped jeans. This is all fashionable clothing. Although it may conflict with the dress code instated, as long as you are not showing any inappropriate parts of your body it should be fair game.

Freshman Remi Young says, “Bra straps don’t matter!” Photo by: Julia Davies

Many students have expressed that the way one dresses defines their individuality. While students understand that there need some sort of guidelines, they also need the freedom to express themselves.

Sophomore Joe Lowry stated, “bra straps don’t offend or distract me.”

Based on observation, tube tops seem to be the real problem for the female students at Ventura High School. Junior Natalia Lopez said, “Tube tops are cute, in right now and perfect for the hot weather.” Again, rules are important but I feel that valuable lessons on campus should focused on promoting self-respect and respect for each other. Students should be able to wear what defines their individuality as long as said body parts are covered.