Cougar Crunch #1


“They are better then I expected,” stated freshman Jack Schatzman. Photo by: Sarah Clench

Sarah Clench and Caroline Marsden

Welcome to the Cougar Crunch, a semi-weekly food review about the nutrition and lunch options at Ventura High School. We will review lunches, snacks and beverages from the cafeteria and snack bar.

This week, we reviewed the pulled pork sliders, the potato wedges and a new special, banana bread.

Starting off with the pulled pork sliders: The portion size is two sliders, which is made up of shredded pork with a barbeque sauce consisting of ketchup, vinegar, worcestershire sauce and mustard, on a whole wheat bun. After testing the sliders, we found they were the perfect combination of sweet yet spicy. The whole wheat bun seems to be a healthier substitute to the typical sesame seed bun.

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As a side dish, we tested the potato wedges that were seasoned with garlic, onion powder, paprika and salt, with the serving size being about three potato wedges.Overall, these are good. The classic potato wedges are served almost every Tuesday and Thursday.

Lastly, we tried the new special banana bread. It comes pre-packaged and is sweeter than the average banana bread, but a source of whole wheat.

All in all, each item tested was very good! We would recommend these to anyone.