Inside of Psychology class


Curtis is in Verdades’ 6th period psych class. Photo by: John Studebaker

Psychology. You’ve probably heard the word at some point, but not many people seem to know exactly what goes on in a psychology class. Whether you think you can be a professor for a psychology class or you’ve never even heard of it, Ventura High School offers a regular and AP psychology class with Verdades in room 277.

The subject of psychology is very interesting and as one student described it, “mind blowing.”According to Simply Psychology, Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behavior and there are many subfields such as human development, health, clinical and social behaviors.

Flinn is in Verdades’ 5th period class. Photo by: John Studebaker

We decided to interview a few students who have psychology class throughout the day and asked them some questions about their opinion of the class. Sophomore Ashlynn Velarde told us that she enjoys the class because “it’s a fun, easy class and we do a lot a fun activities.”

Curtis is in Verdades’ 6th period psych class. Photo by: John Studebaker

The three students that were interviewed all agreed that Verdades is a really good teacher and makes the class enjoyable. Junior Carissa Flinn stated “I feel like [Verdades] puts a unique spin on the way she teaches the class.” Sophomore Zoe Curtis added, “She’s really nice and makes you feel comfortable in the class.” You know what that means; if you’re tired of particularly “mean” teachers head on over to psychology and enjoy going to class everyday.

The students we interviewed all agreed that they would highly recommend the class to anyone interested in how the mind works. Flinn said she would recommend the class to future students because “it’s not like any other class.” Curtis added, “It’s an easy, fun class and you get to meet a lot of new people.”