What’s going on in the Drama Club?


Charlie Ruff’24, Cadence West’25, and Malani del Rosario’25 are playing and improv game called party. Photo by: Isabel Andrade

Isabel Andrade

 A place for VHS students who have an interest in theater

 Drama Club is during lunch every Thursday in the Little Theater by room 40, with drama teacher Stefoni Rossiter serving as advisor.

Cadence West ‘25, a club member, said, “I like the environment. It’s just fun to be there and play improv games and other stuff with friends.”

Charles Ruff ’24, a club member, said, “I’ve learned that improv is easier said than done at times, but it’s really fun.”

Members of the Drama Club play improv games and perform scenes that they choose. No one is forced to perform or do improv, and also a place where one can meet people or just eat lunch. 

Malani del Rosario ’25, the Drama Club technician, said, “In Drama Club we mostly do improv games, essentially games that don’t have a set of lines or reason, made up on the spot. People are not forced to participate, but it is highly encouraged. We also advertise the productions and events happening in the drama department.”

The last big event to happen for the drama department was the Spring Showcase, where the drama classes chose the best performances and created a showcase. This included improv, lip-syncs, monologues and small skits. That was also the last night the improv troupe performed.  

West said, “I think other people should join because it’s just fun to be a part of, and it’s a low commitment club so you don’t have to worry about doing a lot of stuff to be a part of it.” 

Del Rosario said, “I am the role of the technician meaning if someone were to perform a scene during Drama Club. I would run their lights, sound and props if they need it.”

Cadence West said, “Join us please it’s very fun.”. Photo by: Isabel Andrade

Drama Club is fully student-run, with Rossiter to monitor, and its president is Sinthia Cardenas ‘23. Its vice president is Lilla Duque ’23. Its secretary is Ada Sheeren ’25, and Del Rosario is the technician. These are all vital roles for the Drama Club, so there are no hiccups. At the end of every year, there is an election for people to play any of these vital roles for the next year.

Del Rosario said,  “I think other people should join because it’s a great experience. It allows you to develop people skills, your public speaking abilities and your improvisation. You meet so many great people and you get to have fun.”