Coffee drinkers of VHS


Drawing by: Summer Yovanno

Summer Yovanno and Janelle Chavira

The consumption of coffee is not an unhealthy habit but rather a beneficial enjoyment.

High school has probably been the worst four years of my life in terms of all the fluctuations it has brought me. However, I owe this wonderful experience to introducing me to probably one of my favorite beverages possibly ever.

Coffee, my best friend in the cold early morning, my favorite thing to have for lunch and my lifeline at around 1:00 in the morning when I only have two pages out of a five page essay done.


However, this coffee addiction couldn’t of happened without the coffee shops in Ventura that have introduced and fueled some of my favorite coffee drinks. Palermo’s, a coffee shop only 1.6 miles away from Ventura High School, is number one in producing the top quality coffee drinks. Starbucks just up the street from Palermo’s, has average coffee, however, is sold at a cheaper price. Prospect, located at 92 South Laurel St. Ventura, CA  93001, has good quality coffee but has a rather small menu.


Everyone’s coffee frenzy is different, so we turned to asking students of VHS to share their own opinions on coffee.

Senior River Winn enjoying her iced vanilla latte in the coffee shop Palermo’s. Palermo’s is located at 2624, 321 E Main St, Ventura, CA 93001. Photo by: Janelle Chavira

A question survey held on The Cougar Press‘ Instagram ( gave students the opportunity to share their personal thoughts and preferences on coffee. These VHS students were included in the responses we received:


Sophomore Kylie Pence said, “I am obsessed with coffee. I really like Kay’s Coffee Shop down in Pierpont!”


“I love coffee, I have been drinking it ever since sixth grade [it’s] the best, I think I’m probably addicted,” stated freshman Chloe Vaughan.


Senior Malia Wiggins said, “[I go to] Coffee Bean and Palermo’s [and usually get an] iced vanilla latte… I’m definitely addicted.”


“I f******g love coffee but I don’t drink it a lot because I don’t want to become accustomed to [it],” shared senior Tyler Sehon.


Junior Ashlynn Velarde said, “[Coffee is] addicting for sure.”


Senior Claire Ortiz shared, “[The] best coffee shop is either Palermo’s or Prospect,” Ortiz continued, “…I built a dependency so I’ve started to drink less rather than 1-2 cups a day. My parents have never liked me it but as I’ve gotten older they’ve began to understand because they drink it a lot to help wake up in the morning as well.”


“I’m addicted to coffee… [I] usually drink it black or go to [Starbucks] and get [an] iced caramel coffee,” said senior Camille Osborne.


Senior Maddie Halstead explained, “My parents think I spend too much money on it, [but] my [favorite] coffee place is Simone’s.”