GMO’s are a no go


Virginia Schuette showed me the sign in the cafeteria that displays the “vegetable of the month”.

Infertility, Immune problems, accelerated aging, faulty insulin regulation, changes in major organs, the list goes on and on. GMOs, or Genetically Modified Organisms,  have been around for almost thirty years and all they have done is cause us hardship.

The cafeteria at VHS displays a new vegetable monthly on their “Harvest of the Month” sign. Photo by: Acacia Harrell

GMO farmers love to talk about how GMOs are “saving the planet” because they consume less water, soil, and energy; what no one who is pro-GMO wants to talk about is actually what they can’t really talk about, the unknown itself.

GMOs are generally new when it comes to agriculture and there is still a lot we don’t know about it when it comes to not only the environmental effects but the health risks presented. The scariest thing is not knowing what the long term effects of GMOs will be: what is society passing on to kids, their kids, and beyond in these foods?

These are only questions society must ask if it stays on this path. This path of “bigger is better” no matter what the quality. Instead of trying to make fruits bigger, society should be working on how to make healthier food cheaper and more attainable for low income families around the world.

“Very healthy” is how Virginia Schuette, Cafeteria worker at VHS, responded when asked if she believes food provided by our cafeteria is healthy. Photo by: Acacia Harrell

VHS Cafeteria worker Virginia Schuette stated,  “I’m just so impressed with this kitchen, nothing gets fried… everything is baked for you guys. They are so into health.”