Are you too old for free candy?


Audrey Flynn and Greta Pankratz

Students say it depends on how sweet you are… it’s a mixed bag!

It’s spooky season cougars! Many students are talking about Halloween and what their plans might be. Some are debating on even going trick-or-treating. As high schoolers get older, it can be a difficult decision on whether or not to keep up with the youthful tradition or to move on to new, more mature things. We asked a couple questions to Ventura High School students to gain some insight on their ideas.

The question of what age is considered “normal” to trick-or-treat has left teens throughout the years with the awkward decision of what to do. Is it “lame”? Would it be embarrassing? Or is the idea of a free mountain of candy worth it?. 

Chris Egbert is enthusiastic about the Halloween season. When asked if he was excited to trick or treat, he exclaimed, “Yes! I’m gonna be a nerd for Halloween this year. I’m gonna wear suspenders and a bow tie.” Photo by Greta Pankratz

Some Ventura High School students happily claimed that trick-or-treating is still an activity in their lives. Freshman Nicolas Aradi admitted, “I trick-or-treat for the free candy.” Candy is a common motive, but some students simply just find it enjoyable. Lizzy Gonzalez, a sophomore at VHS, said, “It’s fun and better than sitting at home”. Similarly, sophomore Chris Egbert shamelessly exclaimed, “Heck yeah I do! I get free candy and it’s a ton of fun.” 

For the students that aren’t knocking on doors for sugar, there are plenty of other things to do. Many VHS students are accompanying their little siblings who are still in the prime time for trick-or-treating. One of these students includes senior Devin McNulty. She said, “I think this year I am going to take my siblings trick-or-treating. It’s nice to see the Halloween spirit.”

Sophomores Ximena Martinez (left) and Lizzy Gonzalez (right) are happy to get into the Halloween spirit every year. Martinez stated, “I don’t trick or treat because in my neighborhood there are a lot of little kids, so instead I just take my brothers.” Photo by Greta Pankratz

 There are other teens who would rather do something entirely different. Rather it be going to a party or just hanging out with a few close friends. Sophomore Ximena Martinez gives us some background on what this means for her by saying, “I like taking my younger siblings to the church. The church sets up lots of games and it’s always super fun.” It seems that most students are ready to embrace the Halloween season even if they aren’t going to trick-or-treat. 

Now, time for the big question, what is the oldest acceptable age to trick or treat? Most of the teens who were interviewed agreed that, like Freshman Mariyah Alexander said, “It’s up to however you feel comfortable.” However, when asked to give an exact age, there was a discrepancy between answers, some students thought it was about 14 while others believed it was acceptably to trick-or-treat all the way up to 18. Freshman Mya Sherman expressed, “The oldest age is probably 15 or 14.” Gonzalez said “it would get a little weird after 18.” 

All of these students have ideas on what their Halloween plan will turn out to be. Some believe that trick-or-treating is too young for them and they’re determined to move on to new activities. However, other students think that Halloween should be celebrated with the good old trick or treating tradition that kids have grown up with. So whether or not you’re collecting that delicious candy or watching a movie with friends, have fun cougars! Enjoy in the spirit of this festive season. Boo!