Opinion: We get it, you have a letterman jacket


Junior Grant Lawler said, "I got [my letterman jacket] to have something nice to remember my high school years when I'm older. I know I'll look at it in the future and be reminded of all the good things that happened in high school." Photo by Riley Ramirez

Katie Medina and Riley Ramirez

Letterman jackets aren’t that cool, stop showing it off

Lawler earned his three patches for Track and Field, Basketball, and Football. Photo by: Riley Ramirez

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]o all the Ventura High students that wear letterman jackets every day, this one goes out to you. We are sick and tired of seeing the same old bland jackets on all these students. Please for the love of god get your own sense of style! We cannot bear to see another one with all of your athletic patches. We get it, you like sports. While we acknowledge that this is a fun and unique type of jacket which also shows school spirit, you are ruining it by showing it off and wearing it so often. Yes, we admit it, some people have earned. We respect that, but for everyone that just flaunts it to show off, it’s seriously super annoying and we can’t stand to look at it anymore. Junior Chili Tanner agreed with us, “A lot of people try to show it off. If you only wear your letterman, you’re just making yourself look bad. Owning a jacket should be about personal pride.”

Spending $250 plus on a jacket that makes you look like Barry B. Benson from the Bee Movie but NOT in a cool way is the ultimate waste of your money.

There are so many other options of clothing to wear, so please reach in your closet and find something different. We’d be okay with something as globally controversial as camouflage Crocs. It just better be something more unique than a Ventura High jacket. Please, anything other than a letterman jacket. Save it for your 20th high school reunion, not a regular class day. According to Junior Grant Lawler, that would be a perfect occasion. “I got [my letterman jacket] to have something nice to remember my high school years when I’m older. I know I’ll look at it in the future and be reminded of all of the good things that happened in high school.”

From a poll taken by 106 students on the Cougar Press Instagram page, 42.5% of students who think Letterman jackets are overrated and 57.5% of students do not think Letterman jackets are overrated.” Infographic by: Katie Medina

The look the jacket gives off just doesn’t settle well with us and other students. Don’t get us wrong, a boxy shirt can be a good thing, just not particularly on the look that letterman jackets give off. It’s not unique, and we won’t sit here in awe because of it. It’s just a jacket, big deal. Wear something else every once in a while, will you?