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Nuclear debates: Deciding our future

Nuclear debates: Deciding our future

Tatum Luoma and Sam Hicks

June 6, 2019

Nuclear power has been a divisive topic ever since its conception decades ago. It provides a clean source of energy and releases no harmful emissions. But the fear of the negative effects of radiation and possible nuclear disasters has created an opposition to this energy source. As a result, nuclear en...

Mock trial and academic decathlon advisors struggle to create course for their students

Reynosa (pictured above) is the adviser for theMock Trial Club at VHS in addition to being a Chemistry and AP Chemistry teacher. Photo by: Lola Bobrow

Lola Bobrow

May 22, 2018

Mock Trial and Academic Decathlon are two extracurricular and academic based clubs that meet outside of school hours. The two teams have existed for over a decade, but the way the school has managed the courses has changed over the years, starting first as a club, then becoming a class, and then returning...

Chemistry cruises on over to Santa Cruz Island

Perez explained his favorite part of the trip was hiking and the boat trip there. Photo by: Woody Maxwell

November 5, 2017

On Thursday, November 2 Ventura High School Chemistry teachers Karen Reynosa, Woody Maxwell, Schatzi Sovich and Chris Jaquette allowed 46 students from their classes to go on the annual Santa Cruz Island trip. The students met at 8:15 a.m. at Island Packers. From there, the students and chape...

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