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The curtain closes early, but the show goes on in their hearts

Mamma Mia was well received and memorable play. Photo from: Ashlynn Vaglica
May 27, 2020

Despite the school closure, VHS thespians find solace in the memories they’ve created over the years. The VUSD school closures brought a cloud of mourning to Ventura High School students. Spring athletes...

Teachers made a hoot at the faculty “fun-raiser”

Sebastien DeClerck (pictured left) next to Linda Bergfeld (right) acting out a game where they pretend to be Oompa Loopas making chocolates. Photo by: Greta Pankratz
January 15, 2020

VHS faculty showed their silly side to raise funds for the drama department. [dropcap size=small]O[/dropcap]n Friday Jan. 10, Ventura staff members performed in the sixth annual faculty “Fun-Raiser”...

Students Perform Showcase Under Pressure

Seniors Louis Santia and Brooke Stevenson perform a scene from an altered version of Arthur Miller's play,
February 9, 2019

On the night of Feb. 2, Ventura High School students displayed both their comical and dramatic acting abilities, touching on a wide array of subjects. They had two rehearsals to prepare, and because of...

“The Backstage Café” Improv video

“The Backstage Café” Improv video
October 17, 2018 Video clips of "The Backstage Café" Improv show on October 13, 2018. Filmed and edited by: Sarah Clench

VHS “What?” Improv Troupe kills the audience yet again

Thanks to the troupe’s seemingly expert usage of absurdist humor, dark comedy and other such genres, the audience members were laughing all night.  Photo by: Liliana Lara
March 6, 2018

On Friday March 2 and Saturday March 3, the Ventura High School “What?” Improv Troupe performed at their semi-annual Backstage Cafe, having another successful set of shows according to the howling...

Stranger Scenes: Where students showcase their voices

Stranger Scenes: Where students showcase their voices
February 5, 2018 The Ventura High School drama department recently put on it’s winter showcase; the theme this year was “Stranger Scenes,” deriving from the beloved...

If I laugh do I get extra credit?

(from left to right) Reich, Weber, and Hazan perform as a band during Movie Critics, where two others control the actions in the scene. Photo by: Avenlea Russian
January 9, 2018

On Saturday November 2, Ventura High School put on it’s fourth annual faculty improv show. The show features 16 faculty members of VHS including teachers, librarians, and office staff. Four...

What improv troupe? “What? Improv Troupe”

This years Improv troupe meeting before their upcoming performance! 
Photo from: Courtney Caldwell
November 26, 2017

The Backstage Cafe featured Ventura High School’s What? Improvisation Troupe on November 17 and 18. The show was directed by drama teacher, Stefoni Rossiter, and showcased the improv troupes talent...

What? What? What? The Improv troupe is back for another year

Students from all grades and classes come together in hopes of making it on the troupe
October 22, 2017

Improv Auditions were held on October 18 and 19 in Stefoni Rossiter’s classroom from 3:30 to 5:30. The troupe lost more than half of their members last year after many of them graduated. This year,...

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