NewLife Club: the newest club on campus is Christian


Science teacher and NewLife Club Advisor Heather Miyata, center-right, leading club members introductions during the club’s first meeting on April 18. Photo by: Alejandro Hernandez

Alejandro Hernandez

A new club to continue next year

The NewLife Club held its first meeting during lunch on April 18 in science teacher Heather Miyata’s room 62. The club’s leadership includes Miyata, the club’s advisor, and Alethia Martinez ‘24, the club’s president. The club is non-denominational Christian and will focus on religious education and awareness. It will meet during lunch on the first and third Tuesdays of every month.  

The club was originally conceived by Miyata and was brought to Martinez’s attention. Martinez also wanted to start a Christian club at VHS, so they united to create the NewLife Club.

Martinez said, “I began the NewLife Club for people to know Jesus and to feel the love he gives. We also sometimes have stress [because] of school or [something else]. I want this club to be [somewhere] where they can relax and let go of what they have. Anyone is welcome.”

The club will meet four more times after its first April 18 meeting. The four meetings will be centered around episodes of “Fire and Faithfulness” by Sadie Robertson Huff, with every meeting including one episode.

The NewLife Club also plans on hosting an event in honor of the May 4 National Day of Prayer during its May 2 meeting. In addition, the club is planning to sell cookies at the VHS Food Faire on April 28.

At its first meeting on April 18, NewLife Club members discussed what they should do during their subsequent meetings. Miyata suggested listening to the series “Fire and Faithfulness” by Sadie Robertson Huff, and the NewLife Club members agreed. Photo by: Alejandro Hernandez

Juan Coronado ‘24, a NewLife Club member, said, “It’s important to have a community at our high school that involves [the] church and [Christianity]. My friend [Martinez] is the president of the club, so she did invite me to come and to show support and to see what it was about. I’m excited about how it’s going to grow and turn out throughout the years.”

Liv Hurtley ‘25, a NewLife Club member, said, “I go to [Christian] youth group [so I decided to join the NewLife Club]. I didn’t know anyone who was religious.”

Students can join the club by showing up to meetings. Members do not have to be Christian to join the club.

The NewLife Club has no affiliation with New Life churches. Martinez is considering changing the name of the club to reflect the club’s non-denominational nature. However, Martinez herself is a parishioner of the New Life Oxnard church.

Martinez said, “My hope for the club is for people to know Jesus, know his love and that he is carrying and that he will be by your side. I hope people get to come [because] it’s a safe and fun place.”