Punches during lunches?


Raging hormones, coming of age and puberty relate to teenagers all around the world.

Some may say putting 2,000 teenagers in a school for six hours is a recipe for disaster, however, that is exactly what most public schools do. So one can only wonder, what are the consequences?

Fights are not a rare sight on the campus of a public high school. According to cdc.gov, an estimated 18 physical fighting incidents occurred per 100 students each month.

According to vice principal, Charles Cornwell, at least one physical fight occurs on campus a week here at VHS.

Seven out of eight VHS students interviewed have witnessed a fight on campus. Others mentioned that fights occur in “waves,” being more frequent during one period, and less frequent during another.

Cornwell emphasized, “I encourage kids [to] come talk to me and we can figure this out.” Photo by: Acacia Harrell
When asked what he believes the cause of these fights to be, Cornwell responded, “Rumors…and with such a big crowd there’s that peer pressure and it turns into a fight.”

Cornwell explained that he often goes back about five stages in these rumors, asking students “Where did you hear that?” in order to prove that the fight was not something worth fighting over.

According to Cornwell, the best way to prevent these fights is to work out these rumors before they turn into an altercation.

“If you can come to me before a fight starts, we’ll work things out here, no punishment. But as soon as you put your hands on somebody, you’re going to get suspended,” Cornwell stated.

Surprisingly, many of the students interviewed had a strong belief that fights are “stupid.” Some even said that more measures should be taken to prevent them.