A model emerges from VHS


Acacia Harrell

There are a number of students at VHS who are either aspiring models or are signed to an agency already. One of those students is senior Tigerlily Bogart, otherwise known as Kiki.

Bogart shared that she was recently signed to Wonder Management, a modeling agency that signs models for commercial, print, and editorial fashion.

“Basically I go out to auditions and they send me to castings…they work with girls that sign with American Apparel, Target , like every brand you can think of,” commented Bogart.

Though she remarked that she is very excited to start being paid for jobs, she did make it clear that getting signed is no walk in the park: “You have to either go to open calls, which is like a bunch of random models that don’t have agencies… or you can do what I did, you can go online to all the agencies and you have to manually submit [photos/videos.]”

Bogart said she remembers submitting footage to about 50 agencies, to hear back from just one.

One thing that Bogart believes helped her get signed is her ability to speak both Japanese and English fluently, therefore allowing her to be sent to Japanese and American castings.