Opinion, for and against: Is cyberbullying worth VHS addressing?


Acacia Harrell and Miles Bennett

Yes, it is by Acacia Harrell.

Bullying has existed since the beginning of public schooling. The combination of insecure and immature children being placed in the same vicinity five days a week consequently  results in harrassment.

However in recent times, a new forum for bullying has arose, cyberbullying. Now, these insecure and immature children write mean comments towards other kids behind the comfort of their phone screens.

This has posed a huge issue for students, debunking the common phrase, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” Students have learned the hard way that words have the power to create emotional wounds which take significantly  longer to heal than physical wounds. This is evident as the suicide rate has gone up and the suicide age has gone down.

So, who is responding to this nationwide issue? Mothers and fathers are upset, but their arguments are often dismissed and labeled “ invalid” because they are deemed “overly sensitive” when it comes to their children.

This makes it necessary for someone with more jurisdiction and authority to tackle this issue. Schools need to take action against bullying. After all, most young people meet their bully at school rather than the bullying originating online. For most kids, it is simply a continuation of bullying online, in order for the bully to “taunt” their victim as often as possible.

In many cases, the bully does not care when confronted about the issue until it is someone with “true” authority, such as a principal and shines a metaphorical light of truth in their eyes. Ultimately, it is up to school officials to reveal the severity of their actions. It is only then that the bullying will come to an abrupt halt.


No, it is not by Miles Bennett.

I think that Ventura High School administration trying to combat cyberbullying is a waste of time and overall, a fruitless endeavor. First off, cyberbullying is a first world problem.

It sucks that people can be mean on the internet, but unlike bullying on campus, it can be easily avoided! If someone is giving a student trouble, they can just get off the internet and do something productive.

Bullying on campus is a much larger problem, since most of the time the victims can not avoid it. Since on-campus bullying is a more important issue, VHS faculty should not be spending time sifting through pages and pages of posts online.

Some student is probably getting beat up while they are focusing on a problem that can be fixed by one turning off their phone.

Also, is it really the faculty’s job to regulate our lives online? Even if someone is saying something super mean about someone else online, the staff can not stop them.

In conclusion, all types of bullying really suck, but VHS staff members should be focusing on the bullying that is happening on campus rather than bullying they can not control.