What are VHS seniors up to?


Ryan Brocklehurst

First semester finals are now over and many high school students may be sighing with relief. However, many Ventura High School seniors may not be.

Seniors have been preparing for graduation and college for several months now, from working on college and job applications to buying caps and gowns for the graduation ceremony, the preparations have been piling up. Seniors have been running themselves ragged for many months, and now that first semester  is over, many of their applications may finally be coming back. This means they have a lot to consider for the rest of the school year and over summer. In regards to college.

So, where do a few seniors plan on going?

Senior Joshua Tuttle says, “[I plan] on going to college for four to six years to fulfill the requirements to become a fireman.”

Senior Ian Ruiz says he’s going to be joining the workforce and focusing on getting his certification and apprenticeship to become an electrician.

Getting a new job or continuing on to a higher education means new experiences for graduating seniors.

So, what are the seniors looking forward to most? What are they looking forward to the least?

Tuttle says that he is most looking forward to, “the new classes [and the] new environment [are] probably going to be good and learning how I’m going to be working with [the] different equipment.”

“Waking up early,” is what Tuttle said he’s looking forward to the least.

Ruiz stated, “[Electricians do] good work, get good experience and [do]  challenging work.” He also said he is looking forward to the intensive labor the least.

For VHS seniors, high school is coming to an end and for many that means leaving for college or work. For some it might be the last time they see their friends face to face.

Are seniors going to stay in touch with friends, or have a heartbreaking goodbye?

“My friends won’t get rid of me that easily,” Tuttle said with a laugh.

“There are probably a few people I’ll choose to ignore,” Ruiz said.

So after seniors make it through high school, they are headed out into the world. But before the “adulting” starts, they may want to have a celebration to end their high school career with a bang.

Do they plan on having an end of the year party?

Both Ruiz and Tuttle said they have no intentions to celebrate.

For some seniors, where they are going after high school is still up in the air while other students have planned out exactly what they are doing and where they are going.. Some seniors are joining the workforce while other are pursuing more education. Wherever they may end up, they are heading out into the world with all of the experiences they had in high school.