Review: Flogging Molly flocks to Ventura


Kylie Torres

Flogging Molly performing, “What’s Left of the Flag.” Photo by: Kai Torres

The band Flogging Molly performed at the Ventura Majestic Theate on Monday, March 19. Their concert had two opening performances, the first by Scott H. Biram, and the second by Jon Snodgrass and Friends. Both opening performances were great, although the crowd was not as lively yet.

Flogging Molly is a Celtic Punk band based in Los Angeles. They come to Ventura to play a show every couple of years, but their most popular show is on St. Patrick’s Day in L.A.

The crowd at the concert was one of the most supportive and protective crowds I’ve seen; there were guys keeping the teens safe from the mosh pit and drunk people. If you did go into the pit, like I did, people would ask if you were okay every so often and if someone fell down, everyone would stop and help them up and make sure they were okay before going back to moshing.

Dennis Casey, the guitarist of Flogging Molly, commented on this family-like feeling, saying, “Seeing as we’re a band that has been doing this for twenty years, seeing teenagers in the audience is very, very inspiring because we are not young twenty year old men, we have been doing this for a long time and we are seeing more and more families coming, and when you see teenagers and young kids it is very inspiring.”

The crowd went wild during some of their hit songs which included Black Friday Rule, Devil’s Dance Floor, and Salty Dog. During the song What’s Left of the Flag, everyone basically got into a huge group hug. It was absolutely amazing.