OGE is up next


Hailey Cox

Ventura High School senior Jason Tran is an upcoming SoundCloud rapper by the name of OGE Sleepy. Recently, Tran just released his newest song called, “He say she say” on SoundCloud under his rapper name.

When asked how long he was working on the song, Tran said, “I woke up and my friend Kaiser who lives in London sent me the beat through my email and I was in bed and wrote the song in 40 minutes. I finished it in like an hour and [my friends] came over and I showed them the same day.”

According to Tran, he has been working on a lot of new music that he has yet to release saying, “My team has a plan to release it.” In addition to this plan, Tran said his new music will be released when “He say she say” reaches [three thousand plays] on SoundCloud.

After high school, Tran plans to continue rapping. “I’m going to get rich [from this,] I have to. This is a plan. Evan [Cox] is coming with me, Chris [Monroy] is coming with me, we are a team [and] it is going crazy,” Tran said.

Aside from his newest song, Tran previously filmed a music video at a stairwell in Japan for the song “Ksubi” with VHS senior Daniel Dyke. “It look[ed] like somewhere a murderer would drag bodies, it was just dark,” Tran said. “[Also in the video, there is a kid sitting in a cage wearing a gas mask holding these weird anime action figures like princesses and demons [and stuff],” Tran added.

When filming the video for “Ksubi” Tran said, “We were going crazy, I was wearing a full fit of designer [and] throwing clothes at the camera because we went shopping in Harajuku.”

However, “Ksubi” is no longer on SoundCloud; it got deleted because someone bought the beat, so Tran no longer had the rights to it.

Though “Ksubi” is one of Tran’s favorite songs he said, “Honestly I do not think [the video] is ever going to drop.”  

When asked how long he has been rapping for, Tran said, “I used to mess around with my friends and make meme music. We would just make stuff that would not make sense, but I did not really take [making raps] seriously until last year.”