Opinion: I know about college, and I can get a job, but where the heck is Denmark?


Photo by: Alicja Fowler of sophomore Miles Bennett

As everyone who isn’t a freshman knows, last year, Geography was removed and replaced with a Career and College Prep class.


The College and Career seminar course offered at VHS this year is combined with health, whereas in the previous years, students took a semester of Geography and a semester of health. While I’m not saying that this class is a terrible idea, completely removing Geography from the school’s curriculum is a problem.


In my opinion, Geography is a very useful class, especially since many Americans have a terrible sense of geography and can’t even point out the countries we dislike or who we are at war with. Then there are some who can’t even locate the U.S.A on a world map, and that’s just depressing.

Photo by: herself, freshman Jaidyn Sellers


I get that Geography is or was a boring class for some students, but that’s either the teachers’ or the students’ fault. I truly believe that there are entertaining ways of learning about the countries and continents, with cultural foods being a great example. After all, there are so many different kinds of food from so many different countries.


People who have taken the college and career class agree with me, including  sophomore Miles Bennett who says “College and career has it’s uses, but overall I wouldn’t recommend it”. Anonymous agrees with me, saying “Although it’s an easy and fun class, I overall didn’t learn anything from it. It’s repetitive.” These people also agree that Geography would be more useful than College and Career.

Photo by: Alicja Fowler of sophomore Miles Bennett

Freshman Jaidyn Sellers disagrees with this. Her mom was a college counselor and agrees with the College/Career class. She says, “This is a very useful class, my mom has to work with seniors that have no idea what they’re doing, and getting this class as a background could help.” While I agree with this statement, we have a class for this. It’s AVID.


Overall, I don’t agree with having College and Careers as a class replacing Geography. People find it useless and unimportant.