College and careers: which one is best for you?


Inside the VHS Career Center where colleges present. Photo by: Brooklyn Ross

Trinity Taylor and Brooklyn Ross

Have you ever been confused about your plans for the future, or what you want to do after high school? If so, the Ventura High School Career Center, located next door to the ASB room, is a place for students to receive advice and information for the future, career counseling, college information, job openings and so much more.

“The goal here is to connect students to the outside world,” says Francis, long-term substitute teacher for the VHS Career Center. Photo by: Brooklyn Ross

The Ventura High School College and Career center is overseen by teacher Joshua Francis, the long term substitute for Patricia Roberts. It introduces opportunities for VHS students such as sitting under pre-arranged seminars with personal alumni from a variety of different colleges and programs, or career counselling from any side of the spectrum.

No matter what direction in life you desire to go with, the career center has highly thought through and educated steps on how to get you to wherever you wanna be after you graduate.

Inside the VHS Career Center where colleges present. Photo by: Brooklyn Ross

Francis said, “We had the University of Hawaii Pacific come in and give presentations to students, they [spoke] about admission standards, financial aid, [and the overall] fitness of the college. We have Universities [from all over the states] coming in everyday until November, and [anyone] can sign up [to sit in any seminar of their choice] on an orange colored binder right [below the first window when you walk into the career center].”

Whether you are a freshman and just starting to learn about college possibilities or a senior and filling out college applications, SAT/ACT, job options, internships and other things to come as time progresses; the career center is a location on campus where there is more than enough room for both. As junior Dakota Fasthorse said, “[The career center] is a [great] place to go for help [choosing] colleges and careers. [So far my favorite college presentation has been] UCLA!”

When asked about her experience with the VHS Career Center, sophomore Lauren Hansen says, “I used to go to the Career Center for Teen Voice and it’s a good environment and the people there are always very helpful and welcoming.” Photo by: trinity Taylor

Francis stated that first and foremost his biggest goal with the career center is to “get [VHS] connected with the outside world!” One of the most exciting opportunities the center has to offer would be the ROP programs, which are on site training programs held here on VHS school grounds and some are taught at the camarillo airport. As far as the ROP programs go, the trainings are for real life job opportunities fit to your interests.

(From left to right) Juniors Amaya Wagner and Colby Wilmeth talk about their experiences with the VHS Career Center. Photo by: Trinity Taylor

Many VHS students such as juniors Colby Wilmeth and Amaya Wagner have had positive experiences while visiting the Career Center. Wagner said, “I’ve gone in there a couple times so that I could sign up for meetings with colleges. It’s just kinda helped me gather information on where I wanna go and what I want to do when I’m older.” While Wilmeth agreed saying, “I’ve been in there a couple times for meetings with colleges and to get a work permit.”