Opinion: Too much snark over where to park


[“I was walking in the lot and when i walked past a senior and she told me “y’all better stop parking in the lower lot” and i just ignored her”]

Two years ago, ASB president Christian Walk made a new parking lot rule: ‘seniors have priority over the lower lot, leaving the upper lot to the juniors.’ With this rule in play, obviously the juniors were irritated over having to walk farther than the seniors in order to reach their car. On the other hand though, seniors thought the rule made a lot of sense and agreed with Walk’s policy.

Lockers aren’t provided for students in their senior year, leaving cars a perfect place to stash those heavy textbooks they receive. The lower lot is closer to the school, making it more convenient than the upper lot.

Juniors only really need to go back to their car if they want to leave the school because they have lockers to keep their necessary items in; therefore, for the convenience of the seniors, priority of the lower lot deserves to go to them.

The ASB representatives of last year’s senior class have decided to go back the old parking system ‘first come first serve’. This decision has brought up controversy from many seniors. The seniors’ disagreement is understandable considering that last year, as juniors, they had to put up with Walk’s parking system.

This year’s juniors, however, have the mindset of ‘oh early bird gets the worm,’ and are confused about why seniors get irritated when they take the lower lot parking spots.  

If seniors are really dedicated to getting their lower lot parking spot, they should arrive earlier to school, unless they want to sign a petition against last year’s ASB representative’s decision, or try to convince the whole junior class to park in the upper lot.

Throughout this school year, I can’t predict what’s going to happen with the parking situation, but hopefully we’ll find some sort of compromise.