Teachers vs. food: just let us eat!


Juniors Omar Espinoza (left) and Nathan Johnson (right) both enjoy a snack in Mr. McEntyre’s class, a teacher that allows them to eat while learning. Photo by Tatum Luoma

Tatum Luoma

Many teachers often look down upon students that snack in class and argue that it is a distraction to the class’s learning environment. But is eating lunch a period early because your growling stomach is too much to bear really a problem? I sure don’t think so.

I do not have enough fingers to count the number of times that I have seen a student in class quietly pull out a bag of chips or carrots, or even a simple drink other than water, only to be shut down by a teacher and having to postpone eating their hunger ending snack. I don’t think this is fair.

If a student is hungry, he or she should always be allowed to eat. Teachers often argue that eating in class is a distraction, but in my opinion, the greater distraction is being unable to focus on school work because our minds clouded by hunger.

Junior Lulu Corbett believes that students should be allowed to eat in class because teachers often do. Photo by: Tatum Luoma

Junior Lulu Corbett explained her opinion on this subject. “I agree that students should be able to eat food in class because if you are hungry it’s hard to concentrate on work. And teachers eat in class so why can’t we?”

Like Corbett, I also have several classes this school year with teachers that eat at their desk, or in some circumstances, the teachers even teach while eating. I think it is unfair that teachers expect us to wait out our hunger, while they are able to eat at their own leisure. If teachers can eat during their work, students can too. Even for teachers that choose not to eat while they teach, just let your students eat! It is better for everyone.