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Student heroes keeping Ventura fed

Student heroes keeping Ventura fed

Charlotte D'Orsi

May 17, 2020

High school students are among the many essential workers putting their health at risk during the coronavirus pandemic.   Amongst the chaos of the Coronavirus outbreak, citizens turn to healthcare workers for reassurance. While first responders play an integral part in maintaining our nation’s co...

Yes, it’s just a theory

Yes, it's just a theory

Katie Medina and Riley Ramirez

May 8, 2020

Conspiracy theories about COVID-19 spread as quickly as the virus itself. In the early months of 2020, the Coronavirus disease spread throughout China, eventually making its way around the globe. However, conspiracy theories about this new illness have spread as quickly as the illness itself.  One of ...

Are the Students at Ventura High School overworked?

(From left to right) Sophomores Iman Costa, Yves Declerck, and Chiali Lavalle going over school work. Photo by: Jack Schatzman

Jack Schatzman

December 18, 2019

 I'm overworked, and most students say they are too  [dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap] think I'm overworked. Most of the students at Ventura High School can agree with me. I fair about three to four and a half hours of homework a night, and it's really draining. “I do have a big homework load, I g...

Cougars hit the courts

Junior Madeleine Scheer (number 21) went in for a lay up as sophomore Tiernan Philips (number 23, far right) waited to continue the three man weave drill. Photo by Logan Wilkov

Logan Wilkov

November 26, 2019

Meet the 19’-20’ girls varsity basketball team Ventura High School’s varsity girls basketball team started their first practice of the winter season on Monday afternoon the fourth. Ann Larson, along with being the head of the Associated Student Body of Ventura High, is coaching the girls vars...

Take a deep dive into Ventura High Schools annual cardboard boat races

Take a deep dive into Ventura High Schools annual cardboard boat races

Logan Wilkov

November 26, 2019

Cougars compete during the ‘19-‘20 cardboard boat races  Students in groups of three to a maximum of six gathered on the pool deck on Nov. 14, ready to test their creation made of only cardboard and duct tape. Teams were given from third period to fifth to hand craft their boats to sustain the ...

Varsity football ends season with heads held high

Varsity football ends season with heads held high

Yasmin Myers and Riley Ramirez

November 21, 2019

Friday, Nov. 15 marked the second round of CIF football playoffs against Cypress High School. This game was especially significant because of all the hard work the football team put out, but they played in honor and remembrance of senior Antonio Calderon who passed away the day before.  Starting off...

This year’s seniors are once again, unfiltered

Hibbler holds the camera that he plans to take the

Lola Bobrow and Douglas Sandford

November 21, 2019

Last year, Ventura High School Alumni Claire Ortiz, a graduate of the Class of 2019, started a project that served as an alternative to VHS’s traditional formal senior photos that included an organic and unedited film photo story of seniors and an “unfiltered” senior quote. The idea was to create...

Falling into fashion

Sophomore Lucca Camus shows off his cross that he wears daily.

Anna Guerra and Katie Medina

November 15, 2019

As the days get shorter and the nights get colder, VHS students’ transition into fall fashion. As Ventura transitions into Autumn weather, students continue to find new ways to wear pieces they love, while keeping warm.  Junior Benet Bouchard shared that her favorite fall trend this year is, “the platform shoe ...

Hoco outfits take a new turn

From left to right, seniors Kambria Haughton, Senna Togneri, Tatum Schmidt, Megan Ditlof and Samantha Henley styled heels or boots with a range of colored short skin tight dresses. Photo from Megan Ditlof

Julia Davies and Logan Wilkov

October 25, 2019

Short tight dresses and a collared shirt with a tie seems to be the norm for most students attire for homecoming, but some students decided to step out of the regular style this year and dress outside the box. This year, the Associated Student Body crafted an enchanted garden theme for the homecoming...

All grown up and ready to work

All grown up and ready to work

Audrey Flynn and Greta Pankratz

October 18, 2019

Sophomores can now take AP European History Sophomore year is very exciting! Not only is freshman year over, but the classes are getting harder. Ventura High School sophomores have the privilege of having an AP course as an option in their second year of high school. AP classes are college level cl...

How well do VHS students know Geography?

How well do VHS students know Geography?

Sam Hicks and Charlotte D'Orsi

October 14, 2019 ...

Lunablu Blesses Students with Beautiful Bikinis

Lunablu Blesses Students with Beautiful Bikinis

Bella Young

September 13, 2019

This summer, Junior Paulina Nicole spent her time designing, sewing and selling her hand-made bikinis. Attracted to sewing since she was a little girl, Nicole attributes her passion to her grandma, who was a seamstress. “I would watch her work and I just became fascinated with the idea of creating somet...

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