Cougar water polo: on a streak so hot, they need a pool to keep cool


Junior Alex Hecox (#7) shoots to bring the score up 9-7 VHS

Samantha Franks and Bailey Peck

VHS’s varsity boys water polo team has competed in a series of games over the last two weeks. The team has competed against Thousand Oaks High School, Royal High School, Moorpark High School, San Marcos High School, and a tournament in Orange County against multiple schools.

Sophomore Micah (#4) taps the ball into a goal after it was passed in to him by Evan (#8) Photo by: Clayton Currie

On Tuesday, September 4, varsity water polo played a home game against Thousand Oaks High School.  VHS won by 11 points, with the final score being 15-4.

Asked about how he felt going into the Thousand Oaks game, Drew Worthy, a junior and left flat on the varsity team, said, “our team knew that if we stuck to our game plan and played how we always play that we wouldn’t have a problem with this pre-season game.”

Worthy added, “our team felt good with the W but we know we have room for improvement for harder games down the line when school starts.”

Junior Alex Hecox (#7) shoots to bring the score up 9-7 VHS. Photo by: Clayton Currie

On Wednesday, September 5, Ventura played against Royal High School in an away game in Simi Valley. Once again, Ventura won by 10 points, leaving the final score to be 13-3.

On September 12, the Cougars competed against Moorpark High School in a home game. The score was 14-9, leaving

Senior Andy McCombs (#3) “shot blocking” a shot from Moorpark #14. Photo by: Clayton Currie

the Cougars with another victory. Peyton Collins, a senior and attacker on the varsity team, shared, “I felt confident going into the game because we had a solid week of workouts and preparation to make sure we were ready.”

On September 13, the team played against San Marcos in an away game. The Cougars finished out the game with a one point lead, leaving the score to be 12-11. Tyler Sehon, a junior, shared, “[I felt] pretty confident. We won yesterday’s game against Moorpark with a larger margin than expected, and we presumed San Marcos would be a more feasible feat.”

On September 15 and 16, boys varsity water polo played in a tournament in Orange County against multiple schools.

Junior Jackson Ellis (#1) rising up to block a 5 meter penalty shot. Photo by: Clayton Currie


On September 15, they played against Colony and Notre Dame. The Cougars remained undefeated, starting off the tournament 15-0 against Colony and 8-7 against Notre Dame.

On September 16, the Cougars faced Los Alamitos and won by 2 points, leaving the final score 11-9. They then played against Servite High School, where they won with a score of 13-5.

Omar Al-Bawab, a junior and center defender on the varsity team, shared his favorite part of the tournament: “the highlight of our tournament this weekend was rallying together and playing as a unit in the championship, bringing home a 13-5 win and going undefeated.”

Al-Bawab also added, “I’m honestly so stoked we played so good this weekend, like we’ve never played so good as a unit.”

Finn Anderson, a senior and center defender on the varsity team, added, “We have been very cohesive as a team. We are in great shape and on the right path to Channel League champs.”