These Girls Run The World


Sophomores Talia Walsh, Megan Campbell, Gwendolyn Warnock, and Chloe Escalante all strike a sassy pose to capture the audiences attention.

Gage Gregorchuk and Christian Caudillo

VHS’s dance team opens this year with lots of new faces. The dance team has 16 new members and a total of 25 dancers on the team.

Sophomores Belle Cota and Valerie Velasquez perform to Run the World, Girls by Beyonce at their second home football game.
Photo by: Ryan King

Dance team is led by coach Samantha Hazan and three returning senior captains: Brooke Newman, Terra Bransfield and Natalie Vazquez.

The team began meeting during the summer and performed in the Ventura County Fair Parade.

Dance team started 15 years ago and has grown in the last few years. When it first began, it was only a club that would meet after school rather than its own class.

They also didn’t have a dedicated coach when they first started. Hazan took over as the full time coach 8 years ago. It was only five years ago that dance team received its own class.

Asked about being named the dance team coach, Hazan said, “[I felt] honored, dancing is my passion, I love dancing at Ventura High School and working with all the students here.”

Responding to how long it takes to choreograph a dance, she said, “I’ve been dancing and choreographing for a long time so it takes me about a half hour.”

To be able to watch and support the dance team, one can attend the VHS home football and basketball games. The dance team also performs at all rallies at the high school.