Stop Changing the Darn Time!


Senior Cole Stender believes that more sunlight makes people happier. Photo by: Jezel Mercado

Jezel Mercado

The time changed again… has anyone figured out why the f*%& we feel the need to change time?

As a miserable insomniac, I already average four hours of sleep per night, and it is NOT helpful to have people change the time on me. FOR WHAT? WHY? What is the need? THERE ISN’T one! Changing the time is pointless and confusing and my generation must put a stop to this nonsense.

Senior Emilio Barrera agrees with me on this topic. He commented, “This time change is RIDICULOUS! There is no need for this stupid time change crap. [It] does not make sense.” My thoughts exactly, Emilio.

Senior Emilio Barrera thinks the time change is “ridiculous” and doesn´t see the point in changing the time. Photo by: Jezel Mercado

I think the time should stay like it is in the summer, when the sun doesn’t set at 3 p.m., when you have enough time to go to the beach at 7 p.m., have a nice picnic, swim a couple laps, find some sea glass, separate the sand by color, and still be able to watch the sunset afterwards. Senior Cole Stender said, “I think the time change is absolutely awful, just leave it when there is more light because more light means more happiness and more happiness is good for people. Smiles all around.” I agree, Cole. The time should stay when the sunsets are later in the day in order to keep people happy.

From November to March, we get these miserable days where we have like two hours of sunshine, and I can’t enjoy a sunset at the beach because the sun sets at like 3 p.m. My brain gets confused and wants to go to sleep at, like, 6 p.m. since it’s pitch black outside. We should keep our days long and extend our time with the sunshine. I’m pretty sure that approximately 87 percent of the population DOES NOT want to wake up at 6 a.m. voluntarily to get more sunshine.

In conclusion, the time change is ridiculous, unnecessary, and quite frankly, VERY inconvenient. The time should stay how it is in the summer all year long. If you think otherwise, you’re wrong. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.