Why parents shouldn’t have social media


Sailor Hawes

I will admit, I am guilty of being a social media crazed teenager. My life is constantly filled with updates from Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and even Facebook. And now it seems that my parents have joined the trend.

Infographic by: Sailor Hawes

My parents claim that they joined the lovely worlds of Instagram and Twitter to “see what I’m up to” and to “get to know me in the way that all of my friends do.” But do they really need to follow me on all social media platforms to get to know me? I’m their daughter, so you would think they would know me enough by now. I don’t think that my parents need to keep up with me as much as everyone keeps up with the Kardashians.

Since I have these new social media crazed parents of mine, my phone has been getting blown up with notifications of my parents “liking” my newest post on Instagram or “retweeting” one of my tweets from two months ago. It’s even gotten to the most extreme point to where my parents call me on a daily basis and ask about a picture I posted on Instagram and inquire me as to why I posted said picture.

Senior Mishel Tachet shares her own opinion on her parents having social media: “My parents are on social media, however [they] are only on Instagram or Facebook. They do follow me on Instagram but only on my main account.”

“I think adults being on social media is perfectly fine. However, I think if I were in my parents position I wouldn’t join social media, simply because their generation isn’t dependent on it like ours is and I think that’s a good thing,” commented Tachet, when asked if she thinks it is a good thing that adults have social media.

“Sure, I can see why adults would want to stay hip and on trend by having an account on the newest and coolest social media site,” stated Tachet, “[but] it is not a part of their generation!”