Opinion: After one year, you shouldn’t be done


Period 6 Spanish students. Photo by: Lily Lara

Liliana Lara and Hailey Cox

VHS has four foreign languages available for students to take: Spanish, Italian, German and French. Students get the opportunity to learn about the important holidays and traditions of these different cultures, according to VHS’s language teachers.

Period 6 Spanish students.
Photo by: Lily Lara

According to fluentu.com, learning a new language at any age can help improve people’s brain in various ways.

Fluentu.com also says that learning a new language may improve people’s thinking skills and memory abilities. And it is agreed upon by travelers that languages can be very helpful if students plan to travel in the future.

In a recent Twitter poll asking what foreign language students are taking this year, 73 percent of students said they were taking Spanish.

Asked why he is taking spanish for his fourth year, VHS senior Finn Anderson said, “Spanish is a highly usable language and my fourth year would provide me with a bilingual seal on my resume for colleges.”  

Finn Anderson
Photo by: Lily Lara

According to the poll, the next most popular language is Italian, with 13 percent.

Freshman Miranda Holguin is in Italian 1. When asked why she decided to take this class Holguin said, “I just wanted to try something different and I thought it’d be interesting to learn about the history behind it [Italian]. I love [the class]!”

Miranda Holguin
Photo by: Lily Lara

The smaller languages at VHS are German and French. Not as many students are enrolled in these languages.

Sophomore India Hill, who is taking German this year said, “we need a lot more students [to enroll] because there is barely anyone taking German right now.”

Junior Camille Osborne is taking French for her third year, and she said, ”the class is really fun and I would recommend more people to take it if they can.”