What’s the trend with high school having bathroom Instagram accounts


“why does this account exist” stated sophomore Lauren Padilla – infograpgic by Jack Schatzman

Jack Schatzman

The hot new trend of posting toilets and the contents in them on social media

Usually schools have official instagrams for clubs or sports, but most schools also have unofficial school joke accounts. @vhsbathrooms is one of the more unconventional school Instagrams, that focus on the school bathrooms. 

@vhsbathrooms shows the unfiltered side of VHS boys bathrooms – drawing by Juliana Jacobson

We all know of how some people use bathrooms as a place to dump trash or graffiti, @vhsbathrooms like to highlight the creme de la creme of those incidents. What are the intentions of an account that produces material like that? @vhsbathrooms stated, “we want to make people laugh, we think everyone should be able to laugh at everything we post.” Non-school run accounts have been around since the beginning of social

media or even the Internet, but the bathroom accounts have recently gained popularity.

 Due to the fact all school bathrooms aren’t monitored, people tend to participate in activities that they wouldn’t usually in public grounds, and that’s what makes content. “I know about the account but I don’t pay much attention to it, I do think it’s funny though.” Stated  Sophomore Wyatt Mojo. Some high schools think that the accounts can be vulgar and in bad taste. “I’ve seen the accounts before and I think it’s gross, I dont want to see human feces in the toilets more than I already do.” Stated sophomore Mason Jekogian. 

“why does this account exist” stated sophomore Lauren Padilla – infograpgic by Jack Schatzman

Even if a large percentage of the student boy dislikes the accounts, @vhsbathrooms still has a cult following. Students like how the account would like to  keep the bathrooms clean and sanitary for all to use. “It reports on how bad the bathrooms are and can be, I also like the comedic aspect of the account,” said sophomore Owen Hawthorne. At Ventura, many male students share how disgusting and sad the bathrooms are how they need major work. “The boys bathrooms are usually pretty disgusting, some kid vomited all over the floor the other day and wasn’t cleaned up for a bit” said senior Lukasz Coleman. 

However the accounts tend not to report on the state of the girls bathrooms and what goes on in them. “Women dont usually contact me with photos, I‘ve never thought much of it to be honest” stated @vhsbathrooms. The bathroom accounts will always be there to critique and mock the bathrooms, you could ignore or embrace the toilet culture.