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Pictured is UGGs Classic Ultra Mini Boot. These shoes have become a popular piece of clothing around school. Photo by: Vail Newman

What’s trending in winter fashion?

Ava Blau-Grinsel February 19, 2024

What are students at VHS wearing for the winter season? With the weather getting colder, many students have begun altering their wardrobes to better suit the temperature. Even though the weather change...

Social media stalking should be normalized, especially in our generation of technology. Graphic by: Kendall Garcia

Opinion: Is social media stalking socially acceptable?

Ella Duncan and Kendall Garcia February 17, 2023

Let’s be real; we’ve all done it Stressing because you accidentally liked someone's year-old Instagram post? It’s time to get over it. Whether it's due to curiosity, or pure controversy, stalking...

Christopher Rea 26 (center-left) and Joseph Ramirez 26 (center-right) wearing the stereotypical Edgar outfit. Photo by: Alexis Segovia

Opinion: Edgar nation stand up!

Alexis Segovia, Alex Hoskins, and Julian Martinez October 21, 2022

The term “Edgar” has been coined as a joke, but is it more than that to the people that it is targeted at? The rise of social media has brought rise to various trends and microtrends. From mini-skirts...

Juniors and sophomores, left to right: Dylan Garcia (11th), Joey Reynoso (10th), and Jacob Frites (11th). Garcia is wearing a red hoodie, with light grey sweatpants and red with white Nikes. Reynoso is wearing a red champion hoodie with Elmo peaking on top of the lettering. He matched it with light blue jeans and white shoes. Frites is wearing a black Columbia jacket with dark grey pants and black vans. Photo By: Gisselle Garcia

Fashion On Campus

Gisselle Garcia February 11, 2022

Baby tees, lingerie tops, low rise jeans and jean skirts are currently some of the most popular Y2K trends. Graphic by: Ava Mohor

Blast from the past, or stay in the past?

Ava Mohror October 21, 2021

Fashion has faced major changes over the past couple of years. “New” trends are taking inspiration from previous decades, most heavily centered in the late 2000s to early 2010s. With these trends returning,...

VHS students find ways to beat quarantine boredom

VHS students find ways to beat quarantine boredom

Anna Guerra and Yasmin Myers May 5, 2020

From working out, to tie dyeing tanks, here’s what some VHS students have been up to while staying at home. Quarantine can be boring, to say the least. Even with a mandatory stay-at-home order issued...

Junior Makayla Good shared the story on her bag, My grandmother handmade my purse out of an old pair of jeans, it is very special to me and I love showing it off. Photo by: Alina Calamia

The cat’s out of the bag

Malia Gutierrez and Alina Calamia December 11, 2019

VHS students ditch their backpacks and trade them for bags and purses [dropcap size=small]O[/dropcap]n the VHS campus, people are choosing to carry a purse and hold their school supplies, rather than carrying...

Colorful hair, don’t care

Colorful hair, don’t care

Sarah Clench and Summer Yovanno March 28, 2019

[huge_it_slider id="96"] Students at Ventura High School have been setting and following hair trends to compliment their style and show expression; such as bangs, buzz cuts and electric-colored hair. A...

Freshman Jayla Ramirez showing off her style. She commented, I see clothes that I like and put them together. Photo By: Jack Schatzman

Stylistic trends take on VHS

Caroline Marsden and Jack Schatzman November 20, 2018

Many styles dominate the Ventura High School campus, but the most prominent styles of the past two months have revolved around 90s grunge style, and second-hand styles that revolved around Depop, thrift...

Juniors Kayla Swain (left) and Christine Trujillo (right) agreed that Dickies are more comfortable than skinny jeans and tight pants. Photo by: Sarah Clench

Brought from WWII and back to you

Sarah Clench November 15, 2018

Starting as a bib-overall company in 1922, the work wear brand Dickie has only grown in popularity and versatility. According to Dickie’s website, the brand Dickies bases all the way back to World...

Recycled Style

Recycled Style

Acacia Harrell November 14, 2018

Style and fashion have always been something I’ve been passionate about. I wouldn’t say I have a very distinct style or that I only wear a certain type of clothing. All I know is I love to find...

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