Brought from WWII and back to you


Juniors Kayla Swain (left) and Christine Trujillo (right) agreed that Dickies are more comfortable than skinny jeans and tight pants. Photo by: Sarah Clench

Sarah Clench

Starting as a bib-overall company in 1922, the work wear brand Dickie has only grown in popularity and versatility.

According to Dickie’s website, the brand Dickies bases all the way back to World War II when they produced millions of uniforms for America’s armed forces. Looking at the demographics from, 350,000 out of the 16 million were women. With only 2.2 percent of the armed forces being women, presumably most of the uniforms were made for, worn by and popularized by men.

“Dickies help me convey the ultimate poser skater girl persona that is important in order for me to completely transform into a trendy yet hated Instagram baddie stereotype,” stated junior Shannon David. Photo by: Sarah Clench

According to a poll conducted by the Cougar Press on Twitter, more students wear men’s style Dickies than they do women’s style. Another poll by the Cougar Press reported that 11 percent more girls wore Dickies than guys do. This being said, not only are there more girls wearing Dickies than guys, more girls are wearing men’s style Dickies than they are women’s.

Ventura High School senior Margaret Kuzela voiced her opinion on this: “I also think for girls it’s kinda different, because there used to be a stigma about girls wearing kinda masculine clothes but I think nowadays it’s more like you can wear whatever you want and it’s okay to be comfortable.”

Comfort seemed to be a part of the popularity of Dickies among Ventura High School students. Junior Cody Black stated, “I have like three pairs and I just like them because they are comfortable and like functional and you can wear them a lot before they get like really dirty.” 

Agreeing with the comfort and versatility, freshman Olivia Ball stated, “Dickies are very comfortable. Girls and guys can wear them.”

Junior Kambria Haughton stated, “I like Dickies because they are very universal. You can always wear them [with] anything, you can dress them up or dress them down, but they are also good working clothes.” Photo by: Sarah Clench
Over the course of almost 100 years, Dickies has created pants that are water resistant, have odor control and are extra flexible. Though in regards to the newer FLEX work pants edition that came out in October of 2017 as Dickies website reports, junior Christine Trujillo stated, “Most [Dickies] have a good fit, but the new flex ones suck. Their material is more flexible.”

With Dickies prices averaging between $20-$30, they are compelling for students like junior Luke Peek who commented, “I like wearing Dickies because they’re like $20 at Walmart and I don’t want to spend like $40 on jeans.”

Senior Emilio Barrera (right) stated, “I really like Dickies’ jeans because they are very versatile and very comfortable to wear. I hate wearing tight jeans.” Senior Margaret Kuzela (left) agreed with Barrera. Photo by: Sarah Clench

According to article from Maxim and The Cut written in 2017, Dickies are “… suddenly the coolest pants on the planet” and “the most popular men’s pants right now…” For the student at VHS, the popularity of Dickies has seemingly gone up.