Colorful hair, don’t care


Sarah Clench and Summer Yovanno

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Students at Ventura High School have been setting and following hair trends to compliment their style and show expression; such as bangs, buzz cuts and electric-colored hair. A couple popular trends seen around VHS are pink hair and bangs. According to a poll survey, held on The Cougar Press’ Instagram (, out of 135 voters, 50 have said they have or have had pink hair or bangs.

A poll conducted by The Cougar Press on Instagram. Grapic by: Sarah Clench

Out of 132 voters that were asked if they have ever changed their hair to express themselves, to which 72 people voted yes.

Hair is an easy changeable supplementation to your everyday style. If you believe your style is more gothic, you may present your hair in a mohawk or have some shaved aspect to your head.

A poll conducted by The Cougar Press on Instagram. Grapic by: Sarah Clench

Junior Odin Anthony and senior Genevieve Eckert both have mohawks and wear clothes associated with punk rock bands. When asked what her favorite hairstyle was that she has done Eckert shared, “This definitely because I can put it up in a mohawk and I feel like just the mohawk thing in general has been the best thing I’ve done for my hair.” Anthony also commented, “I use my hair as a symbol that tells everyone I don’t care about their opinions.”

Students share another reason they change their hair is because they get bored with their natural style. Junior Isabella Pardue said, “Originally I had [my hair dyed] all red but I got bored with it so I dyed the back dark and I kept [my front] part[s] [red].” Pardue continued, “I feel like there’s a lot to me and I can’t just have one color.” Senior Haley Engel added, “I just get bored, like if I don’t feel good about myself I want to change things, hair is something you can change and it’ll grow back.”

Both seniors, Brandi Duncan and Paris Carmody, dyed their entire head vibrant colors this past year. Duncan said, “I did it as a personal choice and also cause I really like fun colors. I’ve dyed my hair maroon, purple, a reddish-brown, and violet-purple.” Carmody shared, “I’ve just wanted to for a really long time, since middle school, and I finally thought why not because it doesn’t really matter, it’s just hair.” Carmody continued, “You can have any color you want and it’s different and it looks cool. You can express yourself through it.”