New changes in tradition when it comes to Buena nerd day


When asked if the school has been stricter he stated, “The school has to do what it’s got to do, the police will have to do what they have to do, and hopefully the parents will do what they need to do.” Photo by: Summer Yovanno

With the original decision to remove the annual Buena/Ventura Nerd Day tradition during spirit week, Ventura High School’s principal, Carlos Cohen, has altered the original decision. In regards to this change, he has passed along the following statement.

“When combined with a commitment to sportsmanship and fair play, competition can bring out the best in us. The Buena – Ventura rivalry is a longstanding, cherished competition, and we want these contests between our two hometown high schools to bring out the best in us. The tradition of Nerd Day in the fall, when students and staff dress up in uniforms and attire from the other school, has been fun. But, all traditions at one time or another go through a process of being reevaluated in light of new perspectives and new events. The site administration of Buena, Foothill Tech, and Ventura together, with

Photo by: Summer Yovanno

district support, have decided that while we’d like to continue with the fun tradition of dressing up as the opposing high school, we hope students will understand our desire to move away from also dressing as nerds, as this may appear as an attempt to elevate ourselves by disparaging others, for cheering against the other team as opposed to cheering for our team. And so, we hope that students, staff and parents will join us in choosing to enjoy the spirit of this rivalry in this new way. Thank you to the student leaders that have already made the change and are working hard at their schools to model the way. There will not be punishments nor consequences, but the dress code still applies. Instead, we are respectfully asking for your support, that you would be willing to choose restraint, to make a change, to better uphold the ideals of sportsmanship, as we let this great San Buenaventura rivalry bring out the best in all of us. If you have any questions about our request, please contact your school’s principal. Thank you.”