Opinion: Students, what are you worth?


Infographic by: Brooke Newman

I recently heard that Ventura High School students are worth 37 dollars. I didn’t know what that meant, so I looked it up.

Infographic by: Brooke Newman

After many different pages I read I found that schools are given money for their students attendance. Meaning that when students sit in their seats and get marked as present, the school is showing to the district that their students are showing up, and this earns the school money.

When someone is marked as present, the district sees that the school is being attended; which means that the school needs money to teach the students.

The more students show up, the more money you need to facilitate them, teachers, food, facilities, etc. So the school gets more, for more.

After hearing this, how much do we think we are worth?

In the end it’s up to the individuals. We are the students and we are the ones who will take over.

So, what are we worth? And are we worth something that can be measured?