Powder puff starts off second semester


Sarah Clench

Infographic by: Sarah Clench

From March 5 to May 4, Ventura High School powder puff intramural teams will practice on Mondays and Wednesdays after school on the senior lawn. Eventually, the VHS powder puff teams will play against the Buena High School powder puff teams at BHS on Friday, May 4.

For those who do not know what powder puff is, it is flag football played by girls. Normal football is played with pads and helmets, though flag football is played with no pads. Instead, flags are worn around the waist and when pulled off, it counts as a tackle.

Tackling or hitting of any kind results in a penalty and will not be acceptable according to the powder puff rules. If any player is too aggressive, the referees can make her sit out for the rest of the game.

This year, there are 25 players on the varsity team and 38 players on the JV team. ASB members senior Emma Larson and junior Marea Gordon are the organizers for powder puff this year.

For the JV team, the coaches are juniors Gage Gregorchuk, Billy Maxwell, Noah Conboy, Sam Lenninger and Matthew Padilla. Seniors Conner McDermott, Cruz Conboy, Kyle Holguin and Adrian Lugo are the Varsity coaches.

“It is a way for them to get involved in the sport in a fun, safe and low-pressure environment,” stated Gordon.