VHS students take on Fall Break Trips


Photo by: River Winn

Archer Herring

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Although fall break was over a week ago students at Ventura High School still want to share their experiences from their trips. Fall Break tends to be a time for visiting colleges for upperclassman, as well as a time for other students to vacation with friends and family .

Winn stops to take a photo of Times Square after a “fantastic performance” of “Wicked” on Broadway.

Senior River Winn spoke of her fall break by saying, “I went to New York because my mom and I had both never gone there and it’s been a tradition all throughout high school that on fall break we go on trips to different locations.” Other than going to New York for vacation Winn added, “Also, I wanted to visit because next year I plan on going to school somewhere in New York.”

Senior Grace Miller went to Oregon over break to visit a couple colleges. Miller said, “I looked at the schools because I wanted to get a good look at where I might go next year and I also went to visit my sister at her college.”

Senior Josie Ulrich commented, “I went to Cancun, Mexico for 4 days.” when asked why she went she said, “I went to relax in the tropical sun. Also because it’s a beautiful area where we could lounge and swim in the warm ocean and obviously get some sun on the bod.”