They may be dreamers, but they’re not the only ones


Senior Angela Martinez. Photo by: Hannah Lee

Senior Angela Martinez.
Photo by: Hannah Lee

“ My first thought towards this was obviously “Why?” How can someone be so cruel. We’re people, and we deserve basic human rights. It’s not fair to be thought of as an “illegal alien,” when [us] dreamers have lived in this country for almost [our] entire life. Dreamers embody the American Dream, even though the U.S. has denied [us] rights and has made us feel like we’re less than, however, we still know in our hearts that this country can make our dreams come true. My life has been hard enough, certain privileged people will never understand the things we dreamers have gone through… And honestly, I would never wish this upon anyone. DACA protects us and lets us work legally, this way we contribute to this country and we help ourselves make a living the right way. DACA does not provide free help, it’s not a way for us to cheat into getting into a university or steal jobs. We still need to work just as hard or even harder to achieve our goals. We’re just as American as the people born here… stop dehumanizing us… stop taking away our hope.”