Students of Ventura High School reveal their hidden talents


Julia Davies and Jessica Johnson

We already know that Ventura High School is pretty crazy, but how crazy are our peers hidden talents?

As the VHS talent show comes near, we were on the hunt for the hidden talents that normally wouldn’t have made it. Who can bend their thumbs or ride a unicycle? Who can juggle or move their ribcage? WHERE ARE THEY?

We already know that our school has talent since our principal can ride a bicycle backwards, but just how talented can we get. Shockingly, a lot of students are extremely flexible.

Freshman Demetrios Stamakinley is double jointed in his hands, Freshman Amy Soto can bend her thumb backwards and Sophomore Carlos Arroyo can pop out both of his thumbs.

Freshman Amy Soto can bend her thumb all the way back and touch her wrist! Photo by: Julia Davies

Other weird but awesome talents around campus involve ears and eyes. Freshman Garrett Hadrys can move his ears and rib cage! Even better, Freshman Colin Vaglica can give himself a lazy eye at any given moment.

While asking around campus, Junior Nick Lanski was willing to share his deepest hidden talent with us, he can juggle! Nick said “ It took me a couple of days to master it because you have to be extremely coordinated, but the video I watched really helped me get it down.”

His friend,  junior Theo Warren swears he can beat anybody in a game of rock paper scissors. Theo said “It’s all about strategy and being able to make an educated guess on what there next move is.”

Can you bend your thumbs back and touch your wrist or can you juggle while riding a unicycle? Can you beat anyone in rock paper scissors or move your ears up and down? There must be more hidden talents out there, and if you’re one of them, don’t be afraid to embrace it!