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March was declared as Women's History Month by the United States in 1987. Graphic by Greta Pankratz

The future is female

Greta Pankratz and Katie Medina March 26, 2021

Celebrating the strides of women and honoring VHS teachers during Women’s History Month. For decades, the month of March has been a time for our world to celebrate triumph, challenges and strength–...

Online students with a 1-7 period schedule would have to spend a minimum of five and a half hours on Zoom everyday, with any additional homework and recreational time not being accounted for. Photo by: Anna Guerra

100 word rant: Online learners get the short end of the stick, again

Anna Guerra March 26, 2021

With hybrid learning information rolling out, the C group seems to be taking the most losses for the remaining school year. Hey VUSD! I don’t expect you to listen to the student population but I’ll...

According to FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association), soccer all around the globe has approximately lost about 14.4 billion dollars due to COVID-19. Photo by: Alexis Mendoza

The ongoing battle between soccer and COVID-19

Alexis Mendoza March 26, 2021

How much more can soccer players handle?  At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, many soccer leagues postponed games for a long period of time for the safety of the players and the people who attended...

Opinion: Volume I: The modern issue with beauty

Riley Ramirez and Peyton Redmond March 19, 2021

(Trigger Warning): A preview to the relations between social media, ED’s and self-esteem. Being a teenager in today’s world is being overwhelmed with the media and being harmfully influenced due to...

Broadcast #79

Broadcast #79

The Cougar Press March 17, 2021

Word search: Kimye

Word search: Kimye

Livia Vertucci March 14, 2021

  O N P K Q E L Z U R A P P E R   V L G O Q R S S V J Z K S Q B   X J E W B N G A W U O K H V D   S B S A T H F W A E T N X R D   E T U B J E T I R O V A F N K   T B O U D I D Y L S V S T X A   T I H N Q S Q F X X C S N K H   E P V G U P I Q J V K D Y W G   D E I A D N J C Y E L T N E B   U R L V P T T O X V E I H T M   D F W L S U J J Q N T B O B X   A O N B Z M H O X H I E S M G   C R H D P S O Z V H H S Q E D   P M N K B R P J E L W P Q G U   C F L E S Y M E T Y L P S K K "My...

ASB students back on campus for small groups. Photo by: Ann Larson

Taking steps to bring the spirit back to VHS

Jocelyn Wood March 14, 2021

A look inside what's been going on with ASB during distance learning. “Most people think of ASB as poster making and organizing dances. Those are definitely big parts, but overall I would say ASB is...

Sophomore Addison Ragsdale got to run in her first cross country meet of the year, showing off all her hard work. Photo by Addison Ragsdale

Makin’ lemonade out of lemons

Livia Vertucci March 6, 2021

What have VHS students been up to these past months? The past 11 months have been nothing like we’ve experienced before. We’ve been stuck at home so long that it's almost as if this is normal. Being...

The Zoomprov cast in all its glory. (Top row left to right; junior Wyatt Mojo, Senior Sofia Mastroianni, senior Kylie Pence, sophomore Lilia Duque; middle row left to right; senior Jaidyn Sellers, junior Mya Sherman, senior Samantha Hirschhorn, senior Jack Zilles; bottom row left to right; sophomore Sinthia Cardenas, senior Ramsey Dillon). Photo by: Yasmin Myers

Zoomprov: To be or not to be?

Anna Guerra and Yasmin Myers March 6, 2021

VHS Drama department showcases its first virtual improv show.  On Feb. 5 and 6, the What? Improvisation Troupe made its debut of the 2020-21 school year through a Zoom livestream. The one-hour shows...

The webinar addressed 150 live questions and concerns from listeners. Many topics continued to come up, such as vaccines and the ability to switch groups. Graphic by: Greta Pankratz

VUSD unveils the outline for hybrid campus life

Caroline Marsden and Greta Pankratz March 5, 2021

In their most recent information webinar, the VUSD board presented the current plans for safety, transportation, food, and more for this spring’s switch to hybrid learning. On March 3, 2021 at 5:30...

Let Ventura play is a movement created by the athletic students of Ventura. Graphic by: Greta Pankratz

Let Ventura Play: For and Against

Let ventura play... seriously let us play (For: by Savanna Nustad-Franzen) A movement started by students at Ventura High School, “Let Ventura Play” is a movement much needed and the voices should...

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