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Charlotte DiPaolo will leave Ventura High School after the end of the 2020-2021 school year. Photo by Charlotte DiPaolo.

A rising number of staff leaving VHS

Alex Hernandez, Staffer June 9, 2021

Many teachers are leaving VHS but what are their legacies? Mini Article: Charlotte DiPaolo Math teacher Charlotte DiPaolo will be leaving Ventura High School at the end of the 2020-2021 school year...

The yearbook page with categories for 'Best Dancer' (top) and 'Most Likely to be a TV Star' (bottom) contained stickers covering the original superlatives. Photo by: Anna Guerra

VHS yearbook superlatives receive backlash

June 8, 2021

Senior superlatives are a tradition within yearbooks, but did they take it too far? With the 2020-21 school year coming to its close, Ventura High School yearbooks started being distributed. However,...

Ruth Wilson as Mrs Coulter. Graphic by: Rowan Munoz

Series Review: His Dark Materials

Rowan Munoz May 27, 2021

Need something new to binge? Take a look at this staffer's recommendation. Season 2 of His Dark Materials on BBC and HBO is out, continuing the adventures of Lyra Silvertongue, a strong willed teenager...

Infographic style images, such as the one above, have been used on social media to spread awareness about Asian  hate. The hashtag #StopAsianHate has over 460K tags on Instagram alone. Graphic by: Sophia Nacu

How social media advocates for Asian lives

Avery Cameron and Sophia Nacu May 27, 2021

Asians have been a target of hate crimes recently, how do we advocate for change? Anti-Asian hate crimes are not a new phenomenon, they’ve been happening  for centuries. Early documented acts of racism...

Currently, Ventura County is in the orange tier. We have made a huge improvement and many establishments are able to open indoors and in-person. Infographic by: Elise Sisk

Newsom lifts California stay at home order

Elise Sisk May 7, 2021

Was it really the best choice? On Tue. April 6th, Ventura County entered the coveted Orange Tier. This means a lot of businesses are able to reopen with indoor capacity. More people are getting vaccinated...

Among the many differences between online and in-person learning, online learning allows students to not be seen. How does this feature affect student learning? Graphic by: Alex Hernandez

The connection between Zoom cameras and grades

Alex Hernandez May 7, 2021

Students have been asked to turn their cameras on, but does it impact students' grades? Online school has been the only available option for education at Ventura High School for over a year. This has...

Astronomy is a natural science that studies celestial objects and phenomena. Image credit: NASA & ESA

Let’s take a look into the sky

Jocelyn Wood May 1, 2021

Astronomical events in 2021 and places to view them. The sky is something any living thing gets the pleasure to view and take in its beauty. While in 2021, there are many extravagant sights to see including...

Support for the recall among VHS students slightly outnumbers the opposition. Infographic by: Alejandro Hernandez.

VHS on the recall of Gavin Newsom

Alex Hernandez May 1, 2021

The petition to recall the governor has gained enough signatures, but what do VHS students think about him? A growing group of Californians are beginning to support a recall effort against Governor Gavin...

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic depriving seniors of their final year and associated activities, an in-person graduation brings hope in ending the school year on a positive note. Photo by: Anna Guerra

Class of 2021 may finish the year off strong after all

Anna Guerra April 21, 2021

With Ventura County showing a steady pandemic recovery, senior graduations are given the green light. On Tuesday, April 20, Ventura Unified School District Superintendent Roger Rice announced via email...

Because of the low iron levels, your bone marrow can't make as many blood cells. Your body also has a hard time making white blood cells making anemic people more susceptible to sickness. Infographic by: SelfDecode

Is your body in need of some iron?

Livia Vertucci April 20, 2021

Anemia and its effects on you. Do you tire quickly or feel weak when doing everyday things? How are your fingers and toes feeling right now? Cold? These are just a few symptoms of the most common blood...

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