Got questions? The Career Center has the answers


Photo by Newman, Brooke

Infographic by: Brooke Newman

Ventura High School’s Career Center gives students access to college and career planning, and provides them with information and opportunities that can assist students in planning their futures.

Patricia Roberts is a counselor for students and a college and career counselor at VHS.  Roberts said, “This is my second year in the Career Center, so I have been a counselor at Ventura High School [for thirteen] years. Last year I switched into the Career Center, I am still a counselor but my focus is more on college and career types of things.”

In the Career Center, students can attend college presentations, where different speakers from colleges come to VHS to talk about the programs and courses available, as well as give an overview of their college.

Roberts shared, “This year we’ve had more [colleges] than ever before. All sorts of schools from all over the nation have come to talk about their programs.”

Infographic by: Brooke Newman

Students can also come to career presentations in the Career Center, where guest speakers from the community come and talk about their professions and what steps they took to get to their particular career.

If students are looking for open job opportunities, there is a job board in the Career Center where work opportunities are posted. Work permits are also issued and processed in the Career Center. They are mandatory for any student under the age of 18 who is looking to get a job and work.

Roberts also explained how the Career Center connects with students: “We have a volunteer board and we have lots of opportunities where we can sometimes connect kids with different things. [Businesses] will call and they might have an opportunity for a job or an internship or a shadowing and we will try and match students to that the best we can.”

For students who aren’t sure what career path they want to pursue, they can log into their Naviance account and take career surveys. They can answer questions about activities and school subjects they enjoy. The survey will then match them to possible career choices.

Students can also use Naviance to pick out colleges. They can take surveys on the location, majors, and athletic programs they may be interested in. From there, they will be matched with possible college choices.

For seniors who are applying for college and looking for financial help, there is a board with different scholarships listed, which is updated every month. Students can get help applying to colleges and financial aid as well in the Career Center.

For more information about colleges and careers, Mrs. Roberts is available Monday through Friday in the Career Center.

Interview with VHS counselor Patricia Roberts from the Career Center by Sailor Hawes.