Açaí is all I see and I’m not happy


“Is this worth your money?” asked junior Ian McWeeney. Photo by: Acacia Harrell

Acacia Harrell and Ian McWeeney

If you have social media, chances are you have seen a billion pictures of a little fruit bowls called an “açaí bowl.”

In my opinion, they’re an overpriced, over-hyped, messy, plastic cup of fruit. There is no saying they taste horrible, but what’s with all the hype over something you could easily make at home for free.

Junior Fatima Gallardo says, “It tastes like a smoothie, so just buy a smoothie.”

I can’t comprehend why you would waste eight to 12 dollars on a açaí bowl when you could get a smoothie for less money. Smoothies last longer, taste way better, and most importantly, can be consumed with one hand..convenient!

Not to mention its difficult to replicate the same recipe of a delicious smoothie so it actually make sense to buy one. How hard is it to just make an açaí bowl at home, all you do is cut up some fruit.

So what’s the real reason some students obsess over the fruit cup? Do they like them because everyone else likes them, or because they actually like the way they taste. Junior Fatima Gallardo thinks both. When asked where she buys her açaí bowls she responded, “The best ones are from [Stokey,]”  a coffee shop in downtown Ventura.  

When asked if she thinks the bowl is worth the price she commented “It’s a good way to spend time with your friends.”

This seems to be a common theory among teens, but since when do friends need a nine dollar excuse to hang out?

All I’m saying is eat your açaí bowl’s if you actually love them. Don’t just eat them because everyone else does. If this is you, get yourself a smoothie once in awhile and most of all, please stop posting pictures of açaí bowls on your Snapchat story, thanks.