High school sports, are they worth it?


Archer Herring

Sports are known to be time consuming, but many students at Ventura High School participate in school sports for a number of reasons. What are those reasons and why do students play sports? In the end was the experience worth it?

Senior Grace Miller said, “I would say its [playing a sport] rewarding and I love being a part of a team.” Photo By: Archer Herring
Senior Grace Miller, who has been playing tennis for all four years of high school says, “I think that it is worth it to play a sport because for a lot of people, high school is your last chance to play competitive sports.” Miller went on explaining that it is also a “rewarding and good experience because I’ve made new friends and learned a new sport.”

Although some students end up quitting their sport, the experience of the sport is still positive. Senior Hailey Cox who played soccer for three years, then ended up quitting, commented, “Playing sports was fun for me and it was a good experience, but I ended up quitting because I wanted to work more and I had been playing sports for awhile so I was kind [of] over it.”

Senior Hailey Cox says, “Playing sports was fun and even though I was injured [when I played], it was definitely worth it.” Photo by: Archer Herring
Rather than being in a sport or quitting, a number of students have quit a sport to join or focus on another. Senior Connor Stevenson states, “I quit soccer to focus on track. I run track because it keeps me in shape and I like competing.” Changing from sport to sport is another option to meet new people and get more involved.

Participating in sports can be a lot of hard work and can also be a distraction from school work but as we have learned, many students believe it is worth it because of the experience. Being involved in sports is not the only way students can participate because there are a number of other extracurriculars that VHS offers.