Thanksgiving: Friends, family, and a break from school


Sophomore Lizbeth Ramirez vocalized her enjoyment of Thanksgiving because “being with my family all together… unites us.” Photo by: Sally Niebergall

Tatum Luoma and Sally Niebergall

On Nov. 22, friends and families across the country will be celebrating the fun and food filled holiday of Thanksgiving. Originating as a harvest festival in 17th century America, Thanksgiving has been celebrated for hundreds of years.

Ventura High School teacher Jared McEntyre explained that as a child,“we would have ice cream jello, which was very unique… We don’t do that anymore.” McEntyre went on to comment that although some family traditions have changed, he still loves spending time with his friends and family during the Thanksgiving holiday. Similarly, sophomore Lizbeth Ramirez greatly enjoys seeing her extended family: “We aren’t always very close and we live in different places, but Thanksgiving unites us.”

In contrast, for some VHS students’ Thanksgiving is much more simple, and not as important as other holidays. Junior Dakota Fasthorse, when interviewed about the holiday, explained that Thanksgiving simply means, “No school,” a greatly liked feature of Thanksgiving among many students of Ventura High School. Junior Michael Zapata also commented on Thanksgiving’s simplicity, stating that  “mashed potatoes are where it’s at.”

The meaning of Thanksgiving varies from person to person. Whether it is family that is being celebrated, the food, or simply the lack of school, in the end, Thanksgiving is about taking the time to think about what one is grateful for, and celebrate community.

“My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the family gathering at my mother’s house and watching football,” stated VHS english teacher Erin Jones. Photo by: Tatum Luoma
Freshmen Nathan Pennington explained, “I love that my family comes from all over the country to meet at one table.” Photo by: Sally Niebergall
In regards to Thanksgiving, Junior Michael Zapata explained, “Mashed potatoes are where it’s at.” Photo by: Tatum Luoma
Freshamn Ariana Palma-Rivas described her favorite part of Thanksgiving: “Making mashed potato turkeys with my siblings and cousins.” Photo by: Tatum Luoma
“Pumpkin pie and ham is the best part about Thanksgiving,” stated freshman Mason Jekogian. Photo by: Sally Niebergall
For junior Julia Izquierdo, Thanksgiving’s main focus is “football with family.” Photo by: Tatum Luoma
“I like being with my family and eating stuffing,” commented junior Sage Kirkpatrick. Photo by: Tatum Luoma
Freshman Zoe Sinclair (left) stated, “Turkey is not that good but mashed potatoes are.” Freshman Jack Caroll (right) stated that he loves “not having school.” Photo by: Tatum Luoma
Junior Laura Sangiacomo spoke through laughter as she stated, “I sleep in really late and my mom eats lots of yams.” Photo by: Sally Niebergall
Junior David Kelly said, “My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is being with my family, and sharing a delicious meal that brings my us together.” Photo by: Sally Niebergall
Sophomores Jonathan Montejano (right) and Eric Cortez (left), said, “Spending time with family and eating good food is the best part of Thanksgiving.” Photo By: Sally Niebergall
Junior Dakota Fasthorse said, “My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that there is no school that week.” Photo by: Tatum Luoma