Opinion: Is club week actually worth it?


Shira Zaid and Isabelle Mercado promoting their debate club! Photo by: Hailey Cox

With club week occurring once again, I find it appropriate to notify the people as well as the owners’ of clubs of my honest opinion: save everyone’s time, and just don’t try.

Hammock Club hangin’ around on the senior lawn during Club week!
Photo by: Hailey Cox

Club week is a waste of time. How many of these clubs actually follow through?  Many people I know have signed up for clubs, and they do not ever get contacted by the clubs they joined.

When asked why he believes there is no point in joining a club, junior Alex Hernandez replied, “Most people are too busy for them anyways. I use my lunch time doing other things I see as more important than being a part of a club with no meaning.”  


Possibly, if clubs had better leaders, there would be a point to them.

I have been a student at VHS for three years, and I’ve seen an ultimate frisbee club twice, and signed up for it both times. Want to know how many times it has been followed up on? Zero, none. I have never been contacted after signing up.

The only clubs that I ever hear announcements for are the Gender Sexuality Alliance or the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. All in all, club week is just a waste of time.