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VHS hosts club week extravaganza

 Senior Maddie Halstead and her Younglife leader Marissa Chavira promoting Younglife and the upcoming annual Dodgeball Tournament the club puts on. Photo by: Janelle Chavira

Janelle Chavira and Tanya Turchyn

September 17, 2018

From newly-formed clubs such as the “Emo-Wu” Club and TOAST Club, to long-established organizations like Key Club and National Honors Society, Sept. 12-14, students explored a variety of diverse clubs during Ventura High School’s Club Week. Among many new clubs this year, the Ventura Rock Climbing Cl...

VHS Students fired up for Food Faire

VHS Students fired up for Food Faire

November 3, 2017

Ventura High School hosted its bi-annual Food Faire, on Friday, November 2. VHS clubs, sports teams and classes set up booths with a variety of different foods and drinks on the Senior Lawn. Students were dismissed to lunch ten minutes early to enjoy the various food. VHS students with academic...

GSA helps celebrate Coming Out Day

GSA helps celebrate Coming Out Day

October 20, 2017

Coming Out Day is an LGBTQ+ event celebrated across the world on October 11. Gender Sexuality Alliance club hosts an event for Coming Out Day every year, as it is tradition every year. This year stickers were made of the pride flags for bisexual, homosexual, genderqueer, questioning, queer, aromantic/asexual,...

A local foundation makes it mark at VHS

Seniors Beger-Cahn and Coulter holding up a sign bringing awareness to the club.
Photo  by: Hannah Lee

October 8, 2017

The Young and Brave is a non-profit organization aimed to help today’s youth beat cancer. The foundation helps children and their families overcome the challenges and hardships brought upon by cancer. Built on the foundation of helping people, the Young and Brave exists to inspire, encourage, and...

Banner Bold: from class to club

Lewandowski says the Banner Bold club is a lot of fun. Photo by:

Sarah Clench and Diego Roberto

September 28, 2017

If you’re not already familiar with Banner Bold, it is Ventura High School’s literary magazine that is put together by VHS students in order to showcase student creativity. Every year, Banner Bold holds an annual competition where students can submit creative writing, art and photography, with...

VHS club paddles their way to cleaner beaches

Senior, Peyton Reynolds, pictured right, finishes the race alongside her friend Sophie Elliot. Photo by: Samantha Franks

Samantha Franks and Bailey Peck

September 20, 2017

VHS’s Heal the Beach club hosted their Annual Downwinder Paddleboard Race on Saturday, September 16. Heal the Beach, which meets in Mr. Maxwell’s room every Friday, focuses on protecting the environment and keeping Ventura’s beaches clean. The two hour race race started at Mondos Beach and...

Opinion: Is club week actually worth it?

Shira Zaid and Isabelle Mercado promoting their debate club! 
Photo by: Hailey Cox

September 15, 2017

With club week occurring once again, I find it appropriate to notify the people as well as the owners’ of clubs of my honest opinion: save everyone’s time, and just don’t try. Club week is a waste of time. How many of these clubs actually follow through?  Many people I know have signed up for...

The clubs of this year are finally here

Tobin Berger-Cahn

September 11, 2017

With the start of the new school year, new clubs have already emerged on campus, with many more that will begin after club week. Club week is an annual event that Ventura High School hosts at lunch on the senior lawn in order to increase student awareness and participation in clubs. This year, it will ta...

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