Peyton Erickson strikes again


“I’m proud that she keeps pushing herself to always try to do more and be better,” stated Todd Tackett, VHS Girls Varsity Soccer coach. Photo by: Felix Cortez

Jezel Mercado

The Ventura High School Varsity Girls Soccer Team has had a record of 62 goals as the sum of the most goals scored by a single player since 1991. However, this year, that record was broken.

Senior Peyton Erickson has completed her fourth year on the team and has scored an accumulation of 65 goals over the course of this time, making her the new record holder. “It’s unbelievable, I can’t even describe it. I feel so fortunate to have had such amazing teammates who’ve helped me break the school record,” commented Erickson on her success.

When asked if she ever thought she could break the record, Erickson stated, “I started playing for Ventura as an outside midfielder, so I never even thought about breaking a scoring record… I didn’t know I was close to the record until Tackett told me I needed to score 7 more goals in our last 5 league games. Once I got that close, I was determined to break it. And breaking the record during my last Buena Ventura game ever made it even more special.”

Erickson juking out an opposing player then dribbling down the field to create an opportunity for her teammates to score. Photo by: Felix Cortez

Erickson has finished her high school soccer career with a total of 65 goals scored, but she claims that, “It’s not just my record, it belongs to [the entire team], and represents all [of] the hard work we have put in, and how far we have been able to take the girls soccer program since the start of our freshman year.”  Last year, Erickson won County Player of the Year, and she’s in the running for County Player of the Year this year.

VHS Girls Varsity Soccer coach Todd Tackett commented, “I knew that Peyton had a ton of potential because of how aggressive she was. I knew that she worked hard and started getting her touch down that when I moved her up to striker towards the end of the year, that she would be someone who would score a lot of goals because she was going to create opportunities for herself and that’s exactly what she’s done the last couple of years.”

Alyssa Cornwell, one of Erickson’s teammates was asked about Erickson’s performance and dedication to soccer. Cornwell stated, “[Erickson] is really dedicated to soccer. I knew that if she worked hard enough she would be able to [break the record]. I’m really proud of her… and I’m really happy that she accomplished this.”

Senior Alex Kwasny, another one of Erickson’s teammates, added the following:  “She’s a very hard worker and I’m proud of her because she’s definitely worked for her achievements. She cares about the team, always does her best and works her hardest.”

Victor Sanchez, one of the VHS Girls Varsity soccer coaches explained that Erickson demands the same amount of hard work and dedication from her teammates as she demands from herself. Sanchez continued to say that “Peyton always brings that good vibe,” meaning a positive mindset that is ready to work, and make him feel challenged as a coach to always be improving for her to teach her new things. Sanchez ended with the following statement: “I’m proud of her and for what she’s accomplished… Peyton is one of the best players we have, and she’s going to be missed.”

Erickson has decided to focus on her academic ambitions for college. “I have applied to all my dream schools, and I will try to [try out for the soccer team] at whichever college I attend next fall.” Even if Erickson doesn’t continue to play, her legacy will be remembered.