Photo Story: Improv Troupe’s March Backstage Cafe


Seniors and Improv Troupe captains, Acacia Harrell and Louis Santia, go over the rules of the show and point out the location of the restrooms before the games begin. Photo by: Miles Bennett

Miles Bennett

Santia and Buena High School junior Grayson Button playing “Questions,” after Santia beat three members of the troupe at the game. Button was volunteered by Drama Department head Stefoni Rossiter to go up against Santia because that day was his birthday. Photo by: Miles Bennett
Harrell and Pfeifer await a prompt from Drama Department Head, Stefoni Rossiter (not pictured), who sat behind the audience with her assistant, junior Ashlynn Vaglica (not pictured) during the show. Photo by: Miles Bennett
Mercado and Tallent discussing their imaginary newborn child that they “lost in Legoland.” Photo by: Miles Bennett
Seniors Parker Tallent and Kaitlyn Hildebrand during a round of “Park Bench,” in which, Tallent had to get Hildebrand off the bench by, “being weird.” Photo by: Miles Bennett
Juniors Cole Campbell, Sherman and Walsh, as well as Troutman, portraying a documentary scene near the end of a game of “Build Up, Build Down.” Photo by: Miles Bennett
Boland sings an impromptu country song while Sherman attempts to copy Boland’s lyrics and choreography in a game of “Song Expert.” Photo by: Miles Bennett
Seniors Hildebrand and Essex Gilbertson playing a game of “Song Expert,” in which Hildebrand made up a song on the spot and Gilbertson attempted to follow along with her lyrics and choreography. Photo by: Miles Bennett
Boland and Tallent act as dog trainers while senior Levi Payan-Foy portrays a dog in a game of “Three-peat.” Photo by: Miles Bennett
Coats and Santia using Sinklier as “garbage” and Walsh as a “trash can.” Photo by: Miles Bennett
Coats and Santia, as well as juniors Sinklier and Talia Walsh, playing a game of “Human Props.” Coats and Santia were portraying scientists and using Sinklier and Walsh as “tables.” Photo by: Miles Bennett
Senior Samuel Coats and Velasquez playing “Scripts.” They were tasked with solving the murder of an imaginary corpse, while Velasquez was only able to speak in lines from the script she is holding. Photo by: Miles Bennett
Seniors Sam Coats, Jezel Mercado and Pfeifer, as well as junior Cole Campbell, play a game of “Soap Opera.” Mercado and Pfeifer perform while Campbell and Coats act as their “teleprompters.” Photo by: MIles Bennett
Anthony and sophomore Alyssia Troutman during a round of “Freeze,” where Troutman is beginning to “do the robot.” Photo by: Miles Bennett
Boland, Pfeifer, and Sellers exiting the stage after a game of “Three-peat.” Photo by: Miles Bennett
Seniors Bridget Boland and Luke Pfeifer, as well as sophomore Jaiden Sellers, portray three long-lost siblings while playing a game of “Three-peat.” Photo by: Miles Bennett
Juniors Lauren Sherman and Valerie Velasquez during a round of “Freeze,” a game where Troupe members “tag each other out” after pairs of students perform short scenes. Photo by: Miles Bennett
Senior Levi Payan-Foy and junior Jonathan Sinclair playing a round of “Freeze,” where Foy is informing Sinclair that a dead body is on the ground in front of them. Photo by: Miles Bennett
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Seniors Odin Anthony and Isabelle Mercado, and junior Talia Walsh being told that for the game “ABC,” they must pretend they are taking lizards for a walk. Photo by: Miles Bennett