What you need to know about the VHS talent show


Photo by: Sarah Clench

Sarah Clench

Auditions for the Ventura High School talent show took place on April 24 and 25, and the show is coming up on May 17, with the doors opening at 6:30 p.m. The acts are out, from singing and dancing to improv and instruments.

Senior Brooke Stevenson, who will be performing with junior Belle Williams, said, “I’ve been in past talent shows before, but I’m excited to be doing it with my best friend Belle this year with a spoken word poem!”

Junior Daniel Metten stated, “I’m singing Freeze Your Brain from ‘Heathers the Musical.’ I’m excited to have the chance to show off my voice after getting coaching from Linda Ottsen! I’m also going to be in ‘Into the Woods’ at Rubicon Theater this summer as Rapunzel’s prince!”

Senior Jordan Fortunati, who has been playing piano for four years, said, “I’m accompanying Claire Ortiz on the piano and we’re doing the song ‘All I Want’ by Kodaline. I’m pretty excited to just be up there playing music—I always have a fun time being on stage, it gives a fun rush.”

In prior years, former VHS teacher Karen Blackwell ran the talent show, but this year, teacher Karen Reynosa is taking over along with the help of Samantha Hazan and Cassandra Ferris, according to senior Grace Tyner, Entertainment Committee Vice President.

From left to right, Sturgeon, Santia and Rocha, they will be singing together in the talent show. “I am super excited to perform this because I haven’t seen any acts like this at Ventura,” stated Sturgeon. Photo by: Sarah Clench

Tyner, who is also performing in the talent show, said, “We have a really solid band, some Irish dancers, which is new, a lot of really talented singers, and the teacher band is playing again this year.” In regards to her performance she said, “I’m super excited about singing one last time on stage cause I’m singing ‘Don’t Forget To Remember Me,’ which is about a girl moving away from home and starting a life on her own so it’s [going to] be emotional and bittersweet.”

Freshmen Ava Donaldson and Emma Hoefflinger, who both go to Claddagh Dance Company, are performing an Irish dance in the talent show. Donaldson stated, “I have been Irish dancing for nine years and I fell in love the day I started! Irish dance has allowed me to dance all over the world but I am most excited to share my unique talent with my friends and family at the Ventura High School Talent Show!”

Juniors Sophie Rocha and Molly Sturgeon, and senior Louis Santia are performing an original medley. Sturgeon explained, “Sophie Rocha, Louis Santia, and I compiled some of our favorite songs from Broadway musicals into a medley with 3-part harmonies. It was also really fun for us all to work together, singing and arranging, harmonizing and balancing our voices!”

To see the talent show, you can buy a ticket at the student store for $5 or you can buy it at the door for $7.